Mideast Treaty Organization

Bill Neinast


Did you hear that?  Did you believe what you heard?

Did you hear the faux Commander-in-Chief’s comments at Friday’s Prayer Breakfast on the radical Islamist immolation of the Jordanian pilot?  He drew an analogy between that and the christian crusades a millennia ago and with the Christians dressed in KKK robes in more recent times.  He never used the term islamist radicals or terrorist.

If that were not bad enough, Susan Rice, his National Security Advisor, was on TV a day later claiming that the broiling war with Islamist terrorist was no more a threat to this country than global warming.

Fortunately, the “I don’t wannabe the Commander-in-Chief, I wannabe the Peace-Maker-in-Chief” has referred to ISIS as the junior varsity only once.  Unfortunately, however, Susan Rice continues to insist that “I, he, or we” took out bin Laden and decimated core al Qaida.  It’s splinter or subordinate al Qaida that is acting up now.

These comments indicate that the Administration is in complete denial about the threats to the nation’s security.  Those speaking for the White House will not even acknowledge that the movement to subjugate substantial portions of the earth is religion based.  The perpetrators of every terrorist attack in recent years--bombing the USS Cole, various U.S. embassies, and the World Trade Center and mass murders at Fort Hood--have been Muslims.  

Regardless of how misguided those terrorists may be, they proclaim that they are acting in honor of the Muslim god Allah.  So it is inexplicable that our president can refer by name to the Christian crusades and KKK but cannot call the Jihadists intent on establishing a Caliphate Muslims.

That attitude is a major stumbling block to the U.S. developing a realistic mission for restoring peace in the Mideast, Africa, and other areas in which the growing number of Rice’s subordinate al Qaida groups that took over bin Laden’s core are wreaking havoc.  

TV and radio waves are crammed with current and former military and intelligence officials claiming there is no discernible national strategy for stemming the relentless march of Islamic terrorism.  The only public statements are that ISIS, or ISIL in Administration speak, has to be “decimated” and thwarted.  Our inexperienced leader obviously thinks this can be done by a few bomber runs.

The pages of history are full of evidence, however, that wars cannot be won by bombing alone.  Germany was leveled with carpet bombing in the 1940s, but there was no surrender until Soviet troops marched into Berlin and closed in on Hitler’s bunker.  

If a majority of the world’s nations does not want a Muslim Caliphate dominating much of the world, there will have to be boots on the ground in the Mideast.  There will also have to be leadership for those boots.

When Jordan bent to pick up the leadership baton after the gruesome spectacle of one of its pilots being burned alive, the world cheered.  That small country, however, does not have the human and military resources to do the job.  There is still prayers for the U.S. to step up and resume its role as world leader.

Many of the countries in the area appear willing to participate so long as there is evidence of a U.S. commitment and leadership.  Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and others indicated their willingness to follow a leader when they backed Jordan’s vow to avenge their pilot’s death. 

Assuming a leadership role would not necessarily require the commitment of large numbers of U.S. troops.  A small commitment of something like a brigade or division would demonstrate the country’s willingness to be committed and to lead.  

Rather than undertaking the entire task alone, lead by organizing those leaning toward a solution into a NATO like organization.  Key to such an organization would be a commitment by each that an attack against one would be considered an attack against all.  That is the key in NATO and similar agreements that was instrumental in the fall of the Berlin Wall and, ultimately, the dismantling of the Soviet Union.

Organizing and leading a METO (Mideast Treaty Organization) could result in a large military force that could start rolling ISIS out of Iraq and back into its home lair in Syria where at least that one head of the Jihadist Hydra could be cut off. 

So here’s the perspective.

Unless there is a dramatic shift in the White House’s view on Islam and Iran’s drive toward nuclear power, the threat of another 9/11 grows daily.

METO might be an answer.  


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