My long-time friend Grady Arnold has often spoken of Milton Watts.  Grady said that Milton is known as the Poet of the Pines, something of a legend in Northeast Texas.    Milton writes both prose essays and poetry.  He runs a general store in Jefferson.  Somehow Grady was able to talk Milton, age 88, into sharing one of his essays, “Reading/Writing,” with us.   Thanks Grady.  Thanks, Milton.  Mr. Watts has a published book: Poet o’ the Pines, The Accumulated Works of Milton Watts.  You can purchase his book from his store, Jefferson General Store or go to  Mr. Watts submitted the following personal poem.

                                          An Oldsters Musings

                                            At age eighty-eight

                                            I'm failing the test --

                                            I hurt when I work

                                            And ache when I rest.

                                            It has been a hard battle

                                            from the womb to the tomb --

                                            Where my breath will forsake me

                                            And I'll meet my doom.

                                            Yes, I'm curious now,

                                            As to what will face me --

                                            Existing forever

                                            Wherever I'll be.

                                                                           Milton Watts

                                                                                                    April 28, 2012




1    Reading/Writing

2    Admissions and Admonitions (Poetry)

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