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Morning Mists and the Promise of Eternity

Ken Keller


The morning mists returned once more to the upper reaches of the Hondo Valley.  Moving ever so quickly now, down Sudderth.  The primary body of this nebulous vapor changes by the split second to form the lens in an opaque envelope that surrounds me along with everything else momentarily.  Suddenly, an opening; ever so briefly, then a multitude of larger, clearer spaces break apart.  Briefly, they reveal the constant winding of the way that stretches from Billy's old haunts to the pinnacle of this current view of earthly paradise, that is the summit called Sierra Blanca. 


Only now, this morning breaking clearly with the passage of time, does the radiance that is God's Love shine on me with the promise of my Eternal Home.  As spectacular as the view before me is, it is only a glimpse of what is to come.  My eyes have held many reflections of what God has given me.  Only now do I have the opportunity to describe what I have seen to others.  While no great vistas can be painted by my hand, from my memories and present state of mind can I share with you what I believe.  If you dare, just ask me to tell you what I see in the mists that surround El Capitan and the greater Glory that is revealed when I cast my vision on the Higher Ground.