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My Reality

John W. Pinkerton


The stock market makes adjustments from time to time.  When the market gets overheated, an adjustment is made which brings it back to more closely reflect the realities of the economy.

I think the American society is going through a similar adjustment.

For several years now I’ve felt that the world isn’t showing its true self to us.  It seemed to be distorted and, frankly, at times upside down.

In my reality, the United States’ military is top notch and frankly beyond being seriously challenged.  In my reality,  the leaders of government, although often flawed, are on the side of their fellow Americans.  In my reality, the judicial system, in spite of making errors, is sound with judges being non partisan and handing out decisions in the spirit of Miss Justice.    In my reality, our police forces attempt to keep order and move against wrongdoers.  In my reality the governmental entities work on behalf of the citizens, not the other way around.  In my reality the press investigates and reports in a manner reflecting truth as they know it.  In my reality churches serve their flocks, not their bottom lines.  In my reality, the economy is a free market economy not interfered with other than obvious restrictions, not impediments.  In my reality, Hollywood is composed of patriots who wish to use their instruments to improve society, not damage it.  So, considering these are my realities, you may understand why I have had the feeling that the world needs an adjustment.

At times during the last few years I have felt as though I’ve been looking at a Salvador Dali painting.  I recognize the parts but don’t recognize the emphasis or the arrangements.

However, to some folks, this Dali’s view of the world is their reality.  They have pushed and shoved the world into a place that better reflects the world they seek.

I assumed, like most Americans, that Hillary was about to be elected President and that she would give our country the little nudge required to send it into a whirlpool from which we could never escape.  I was resigned to our fate.  My plan was to withdraw from the world and only peek out occasionally to see how bad it had become.

But Hillary wasn’t elected; instead, a fellow, who certainly wasn’t my first choice, found himself in the oval office.  We were surprised.  Hell, I suspect he was surprised.  The conservatives blinked and wondered what this meant.  The liberals never blinked but went rushing into the streets calling, “FOUL.”  What were they so fearful of?  I’ve thought about this a lot…a lot.  My conclusion is that all of the lies they had propagated and all the lies they had bought into were going to be exposed.

The first lie to be exposed was that the economy was at a dead end never to rise again.  Stock markets rose to a new high.  Unemployment dropped to a new low.  This was based on the simple fact that industry felt as though they once again had an ally, a friend, in the White House.

The rats are beginning to run out of Washington.  As an added bonus, we have the sexual misconduct allegations which have made some run.  Other rats have enough sense to realize that reality is returning to Washington, and they won’t fit in very well.  In the coming weeks and months, we’ll learn more about the evil things which have been hidden from most of us.  Things we suspected, but did not have direct evidence of.

But we must not forget that rats are a hardy lot.  They will survive.  They will always be with us, but we must knock them down each time they try to return to the land of easy pickings.

A friend commented to me that I expected too much from the Trump administration; no, not at all.  Any little thing which brings back a world which is closer to my reality is welcome.  Improvements in the Veterans Administration is one of these “little” things.  For the time being, I’ll settle for anything which happens which makes the world look more like my reality.