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New Art Stuff

Chris Zebo is providing our spacer/divider this month.
Chris now has a photography studio on wheels. 
Here are pics of the new "photography studio on wheels"--The Austin Photo Truck.

“I spent three long months in the Texas sun all summer gutting, restoring, and converting a 1973 RV into a photography studio that can travel to a client's door and take headshots and portraits on site.”

   Montopolis, which combines original music with film and live narration to produce critically acclaimed, audience-engaging performances, is performing The Legend of Big Bend  featuring the photography of Chris Zebo.
 The performance turns 
West Texas tales into song in this concert inspired by Big Bend National Park. The performance weaves history, poetry and personal stories into music inspired by the land and the people that have walked upon it.  Actor Robert A. Kraft narrates the journey accompanied by music and breathtaking photography that captures the epic grandeur of the vast high desert wilderness. 
Chris is a major photographic contributor to the book Wanderlust USA : The Great American Hike Explored by Cam Honan edited by Gestalten and Honan.  The book will be available November 26.
Say “Hi” to Chris at cgzebo@gmail.com and see more of
 his work at http://www.christopherzebo.com/.

Jay Schann recently received good news.
“Due to an overwhelming response at the Public Library in Georgetown, Texas, my sculpture "Quest for Knowledge" will remain and be part 
of the 2020 Sculpture Tour. Contact me at metalfantasies@gmail.com Together we can create a sculpture just right for your home or busines.”
Say “Hello” to Jay at metalfantasies@hotmail.com and see more of his art at Jay’s Metal Fantasies.

Jill Pankey and Bob Pankey  are doing a show at the Arts Council’s College Station Gallery.
If you are going to be in the Bryan/College Station area on Nov. 21, 6:00 til 7:30, come and spend an evening surrounded by the beautiful art of Jill and Bob Pankey. Sip and stroll through our two-tiered gallery and browse the bold and whimsical use of colors, forms and techniques. 
Jill describes her work in this way. “My paintings are exploring the notion of a celebration or ritual event honoring the female form. The paintings in this work honor and celebrate a varied array of the female form through color, pattern and movement." 

Bob is passionate about animals and wildlife. "I enjoy painting wildlife because my observation of animals challenges me to explore their essence through color. In my current oil paintings, I’ve found that everything becomes a passionate response to the canvas. I use a unique approach in my oil paintings and use bright expressive color and exagerated brush strokes."
Say “howdy” to Bob at rbpankey1@gmail.com and check out his art on the New Art Page, say “howdy” to Jill at jpankey1@gmail.com and see her website at

John Grant ‘s  has a spanking new book, Discovering the L.A. Art World and  it is now available at Amazon.
“In his book Discovering the L.A. Art World, John Marcella Grant demonstrates the power of a simple knock on a studio door. That knock, along with the phrase ‘You are my favorite artist, and we came from Texas to see you,’ gained him admittance to Mark Bradford’s studio in 2012, opening the door—literally and metaphorically—to the direct experience of a varied and vital group of artists and art world figures. Yes, there are some closed doors (Mark Grotjahn and Kehinde Wiley), but also real, ongoing engagements and conversations—particularly with critic/gallerist Mat Gleason and artist Bradford J. Salamon, that reward Grant’s earnest approach. Told in a slightly awestruck voice and tempered with fair-mindedness, the anecdotes presented in Discovering the L.A. Art World provide private glimpses of a world that other less courageous writers could have never entered.” — John Seed, Author of My Art World.”
If you’re interested in having a great portrait of yourself or a loved one or an enemy you love to hate,  John’s the man.  He’s the best.
Visit John’s “College Station Artist Forum” where local artists can contribute their art and art-related information.
Say “Howdy” to John at studio@grantartistry.com and see more of his art at http://www.grantartistry.com/.

Monika Pate continues to produce wonderful art. 
Say “Hi”  to Monika at http://monikapate.com/contact and see more of her art at http://monikapate.com/ and check out
Monika’s  Facebook page, Monika Pate Watercolors.

David Sites is sharing two digital paintings with us this month.
You can contact David at 
and see more of his art at 

Hailey Herrera is providing us with an exceptional painting.

Say “Howdy Hailey” at hailey.art@gmail.com and see more
 of her art at haileywatermedia.imagekind.com,

Noel Johnson is sharing a new work with us.
If you wish to purchase a piece of her art, email her at chaplain_noel@yahoo.com. These are works on paper in mixed media, primarily acrylic paint, with inks, oil pastel, and pencil. 

Say “Howdy” to Noel at chaplain_noel@yahoo.com.

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