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New Art Stuff

Patty Pendergast is providing our spacer/divider this month.
To see more of Patty’s art, go to www.ppendergast.com and to say “Hi,” go to http://www.ppendergast.com/contact.html and check out her art The Gallery at Round Top.

 Patty is partnering with Lone Star Animal Recovery Shelter to hand paint pet portrait ornaments. All of the funds raised will benefit the shelter and will allow them to continue to provide vaccinations and neutering for homeless dogs. 

Patty is an artist that specializes in animal art. She will paint your pet’s portrait on a 3” bisque clay ornament. Each ornament is $75.00 plus $5.00 shipping and there is a 4 week turnaround. To place an order, email Patty at ppendergast@hotmail.com; attach a close up photo of your pet, and include your shipping address. You can pay directly through PayPal to ppendergast@hotmail.com, or if you would rather send a check, please indicate that in your email, and she will provide that information.

Patty is also  helping by sponsoring a fund raiser, Yappy Hour Shelter Dogs,  for Lone Star Animal Recovery Shelter....

Robert Cavanaugh, found art metal sculptor, joins Old Art Guy this issue as a guest artist.
Introducing Robert to you folks is a pleasure because we were in high school together.  Of course that was in the last century.  He’s also good at his art.   Robert has had a disntinguished career including the chancellorship of Louisiana State University at Alexandria.  In retirement Robert is pursuing his interest in metal sculpture.
Welcome Robert aboard at 

   Troy Cartee and I were army buddies who managed to get into more than our share of rdiculous situations.   I managed to track him down a few years ago.  When I found him, I got a bonus, Ka Cartee who is a wonderful Mississippi potter.  Because of health issues, Ka hasn’t been a big contributor to oldartguy.com recently, but she’s back.  She’s stil doing her pottery, and if you’re ever in Seminary, Mississippi, you need to visit her gallery, Ka Pottery.

Ka is now working on becoming a nonreprsentational
artist in addition to a potter.  She fully understands that it’s not as easy as some may presume. 
Ka was brave enough to send us examples of her latest endeavor:

Say “Hi, ya’ll” to Ka and Troy at info@kapotterystudio.com.

Alan Gerson hasn’t sent me anything lately, but I did notice that he’s painted his gallery, so it looks as though he wants folks to come by and visit.  Do it.  He’s a good guy, and he produces some really interesting art.

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