Naive, Uninformed, and Juvenile

Bill Neinast

This was the scariest Halloween ever.  Juveniles masquerading as adults were trick or treating in our nation’s capitol.  They were demanding a treat of your vote or they would trick you with an impeachment of our President.

Their masks of adulthood, however, could not hide their juvenile  thinking and behavior.  Their threats of impeachment were based on a belief that our President’s conversation with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, was a threat to our national security.

The essence of that argument is that our President threatened to withhold aide from Ukraine unless Zelenskyy interfered in our upcoming elections by digging up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden, the leading Socialist/Democrat candidate for president.

The key element of that argument is that this was a so called quid pro quo agreement.  In other words, our President is alleged to have promised Zelenskyy military aid only if he provided usable dirt on Biden.

That demonstrates how naive, uninformed, and juvenile  some members of Congress are.  

First, the President is our primary contact with foreign countries.  Every President routinely talks with other foreign leaders, either in person, by secure  phone, or by secure message system.

Second, every international treaty or agreement is a quid pro quo  arrangement.  The NATO treaties are quid pro quo; i.e., we’ll watch your back, if you’ll watch ours.  The pending treaties between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico include reciprocal concessions from all parties. That is the essence of quid pro quo.

The list of reciprocal international agreements is unending.  Just these two, however, illustrate that what the juveniles in Congress now believe is criminal has been the norm for centuries.

Considering that a threat to national security is even more bothersome.  North Korea, Iran, the remains of ISIS, and Russia moving into Turkey and the Middle East are real, menacing threats to our national security.  That is what the House Intelligence Committee should be focusing on.

Nonetheless, the juvenile consideration of that conversation as an impeachable offense is the least scary of this little trick or treat excursion.

More scary is the assertion that this conversation was a threat to national security because it invited foreign involvement in our domestic elections.  Remember these trick or treaters appear to have been no concern about the Democrat National Committee paying for the Russian dossier of political dirt on candidate Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, the trick or treating just discussed was not the scariest part of Halloween.  Much more frightening was the threat that Queen Ma Hillary Clinton  may try to get back into the White House to use the china, furniture, and other items she had to return after she and Bill had to move out.

The fervor with which the media is pushing that possibility makes it more probable than possible.  There are only a few nightly news casts that do not include some coverage of Ma. Now she frequently appears with daughter Chelsea in tow to promote their new book, The Book Of Gutsy Women

If that is not a sign that Ma Clinton wants to repeat the saga of Ma and Pa Ferguson of Texas infamy, the Clinton duo is sure wasting a lot of our time. 

Think about Ma “resetting” relations with Russia from the White House, establishing private message systems for official business that can be easily “washed” whenever desired, and referring to atrocities like Benghazi with comments like, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”  Now that is scary.

Tagging along on that scare was another one, albeit not  as fearful.  This was was Beto O’Rourke’s  withdrawal from the race for the White House.

What makes that scary is its implication.  There is little doubt that he is returning to El Paso to file as a candidate for the Senate seat currently held by John Cornyn.

In the realm of politics his recent threats to confiscate all firearms he does not like and other way out positions will be forgotten by many voters mesmerized by his flaying arms and he might take Cornyn’s Senate seat.

Now that’s scary.

So here’s the perspective.

Remember.  You read it here first.  Ma Hillary Clinton will become a candidate for the Socialist/Democrat nomination for President and No Guns O’Rourke will be a candidate for the Senate.

God save the Union. 



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