Naive Socialists-Democrats

Bill Neinast

Naive is the word of the week.  There is no better description of the socialist-democrats currently claiming the headlines.

Consider Senator Ben Cardin as an example.  This socialist-democrat from Maryland was making the rounds of Sunday’s talk shows.  He was touting the party’s solution to the crisis at the border that they finally admit exists.

His proposal is to address the cause of the crisis instead of attacking the crisis head-on.  He maintains that  those poor refugees from Central America are seeking asylum from the crime and pitiful living conditions in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

The solution, according to Cardin and others of his party, is to reinstitute billions of  dollars of aid to those poor countries.

What are the socialist-democrats drinking in their lemonade?  Have they never heard of corruption?  Do they think aid money sent to Honduras would be better spent than the hurricane aid money sent to Puerto Rico?

Even if such aid money was prudently used as directed by the U.S., how long would it take to correct the problems of crime and poverty?  There are estimates that this would take 15 years.  Would the flood of fake asylum seekers immediately dry up as they patiently wait for better days to come in their home countries?

How naive can one be?

Cardin then went on to discuss the crisis in terms of all those crashing the border as legitimate asylum seekers.  In what country has he been residing?

Is he really unaware that less then 20% of those who actually appear at an asylum hearing are granted asylum.  The bulk of those violating our immigration laws merely disappear into the welcoming arms of the socialist-democrats and try to avoid any contact with federal authorities.

For more naivete, consider the proposals for free Medicare for all.  

The lead socialist seeking the nomination for President is Bernie Sanders.  He is old enough to be eligible for Social Security and Medicare.  If he has elected to receive those benefits, has he looked at his annual SS statements?  They will reflect Medicare deductions from his benefits.  

Currently, Medicare recipients who earned Social Security by paying the tax while they worked are paying a premium for their Medicare  coverage.

The socialist-denocrat response to that fact, however, is, “So what?  Everyone has a right to medical care.  So we will give it to them, regardless of citizenship status.  You guys south of the border who need a knee replacement, just swim the Rio Grande, and we will give it to you.”

These proponents of free medical care for all have no realistic thoughts on what Medicare would cost for the three hundred million plus occupants of the country. 

They might be surprised if they took a realistic look at that cost.  Here is a good sample for them.

Jeannine and I just received our periodic report of Medicare coverage.  Jeannine’s  covers her care from April 22  through July 15.  It is 28 pages long.

Think of the bureaucratic costs on both the providers’ and government’s ends to produce that report.

Now look at just a few of the doctors’ or clinic’s charges and what the government actually allowed and paid.  Be aware, also, that under this program, the doctor or clinic cannot collect from any source a penny more than what the government allows.  

As listed here, the doctors charge and what he actually received are listed together but separated with a hash mark: 210/78, 1,450/115.13. 554/229.43.

These three examples are a tiny fraction of the whole report, but they illustrate what all medical providers are facing if the socialist-democrats win.  How many young men and women will decide to seek a career as a medical worker for the government with those wages?

So here’s the perspective.

The naivete spreading in the socialist-democrat  community for free college for all was recently lampooned in an observation making the rounds on social media.  It is tied in with the indictments of various movie stars and moguls for bribing their children’s admission into prestigious universities.

The very appropriate observation is that if you cheat on getting your child into college, you go to prison, but if you cheat on getting them into the United States, you go to college.

How appropriate. 



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