Nero’s Fiddling

Bill Neinast

Enjoy it while you can.  In less than a week, hair pulling time will be back.

On September 9, Nero returns to Washington, D.C.

Remember Nero?  He was the Emperor of the ancient Roman Empire when Rome was substantially destroyed by fire in 64 A.D.  

When the fire started, Nero was about 34 miles away from Rome in one of his palaces.  He did return to the city during the fire, but apparently did little or nothing to relieve the suffering of the citizens.

Although the fiddle did not exist in 64 A.D., Nero was a musician of sorts.  At some point, historians began to report that Nero entertained himself with music during the conflagration.

Through the years, that observation came to be repeated as “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” The expression has a double meaning.  Not only did Nero play music while his people suffered, but he was an ineffectual leader in a time of crisis.

That little bit of history seems to be a prototype for Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to the crisis along the nation’s southern border. 

Initially, Nero Pelosi claimed there was no crisis.  When she could no longer deny the existence of a crisis, she claimed that the crisis was the way our President was treating those poor helpless individuals just seeking a better life.

Then when the President transferred some surplus funds from the FEMA appropriations to build more retention facilities for illegal immigrant families while they await amnesty hearings, there were screams of protest.

There were cries that funds appropriated to aid Americans facing disasters like Hurricane Dorian were being diverted to build concentration camps.

This hysteria persists even after Peter T. Gaynorm, FEMA’s Administrator, assured the nation that there were more than enough appropriations left in FEMA’s budget for the rest of the fiscal year that ends on the last day of this month.

This brouhaha over more retention facilities is just the latest verse of Nero’s song about our President’s treatment of criminals.  Although the families being held in the existing facilities may be living more comfortably than they did in their home countries and the children are definitely better off than they were on the thousand mile marches with their families, Nero and her minions think our President is acting like Hitler with his Dachau and Auzswittz.

Unfortunately, the control and treatment of illegal immigrants will be on a back burner next week.  The front and center cooking burner will be impeach, impeach, impeach.

Oddly, however, there are no ingredients for an impeachment on that burner.  What are the high crimes and misdemeanors required for an impeachment?

The initial clamor was over that unthinkable collusion with Russia.  When the Mueller Report thoroughly debunked that assertion, the performance of, “He stole the election,” split into two tunes.

One tune was “Let’s investigate the investigation.”  The other was, “Let’s impeach on the basis of obstruction of Justice.”

Unfortunately, those fiddling along with Nero Pelosi will now have to contend with the Justice Department IG’s report on the disgraced former FBI Director, James Comey.  That throws all kind of road blocks into an allegation of obstruction of justice.

Assume though, that all this fiddling results in some type of Articles of Impeachment being passed by the House of Representatives.  This would be, in effect, an impeachment of the President.

It would have no real effect without approval by the Senate.  That approval or conviction would require 67 votes, or 2/3 of the 100 Senators.  As Republicans now occupy 53 of those 100 seats, does anyone in Nero Pelosi’s entourage really believe that our President can be removed from the White House through the impeachment process?

Then there is another question.  If the President is not impeached within the next year and, horror of horrors for Nero, Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020, what can be done?  As the nation will have spoken on the issue with their votes, can the President be impeached for actions before or during his first term?

Is it possible for Nero to consider all of these possibilities on a rational basis?

So here’s the perspective.

Hopefully these few words will encourage you to relish the few remaining days of peace and quiet.

Nero’s fiddling does not include any pleasant tunes.



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