News and Facts

Bill Neinast

“Just the facts, Mam-am” was Sergeant Joe Friday’s signature statement on the TV series “Dragnet” six decades ago.  By the end of each segment, he would have the facts.

What a shame that facts are no longer so easy to discover.  Currently, the news media could never be called the facts media.  The only thing available to read or hear on the media is what is “new” from yesterday. There is very little regard for accuracy.

Here, for example, are “facts” that rarely make the “news.”

Fact 1: No one has lost or is losing medical insurance because of actions by the government.  Those who are losing medical coverage are the victims of insurance companies changing coverage or increasing premiums in order to comply with Obamacare and stay in business.

Fact 2:  A segment of unknown size of our adult population knows nothing about how our government works.  This group is represented by those making the “news” by berating their elected representatives for taking away their medical coverage.  Refer back to Fact 1, above.

The demonstrators have bought the Democrat propaganda hook, line, and sinker.  The propaganda is that the Republicans have passed a law that will result in millions of Americans losing their health care.

The facts are that one house of Congress has passed a bill that may affect insurance in the future.  That is not a law.  The bill has to pass the other house and, if it changes the bill in any way, it has to go back for reconciliation, and repassage by both houses before it can become law with the President’s signature.

So there may be no law at all or the law that does become effective may be vastly different from the one already passed in just one half of the Congress.

This is elementary Government 101, so why does the news media never discuss this with the unruly dumb demonstrators.

Fact 3:  Russia was among several countries that interfered with the U.S. election last year.  So what?  So what’s new?  This has been going on for years, and the U.S. is among the worst offenders.  Anyone out there want to deny that the U.S. had substantial direct influence in the elections in Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan, among others, in recent years?

The only difference between the Russian influence last year and other years is that it was more open and blatant this time.  

And aggravating the situation this time around is that the liberals’ queen Ma Clinton was the target.

Fact 4:  Vladimir Putin is no dummy.  He is, in fact, a smart man.  He intentionally interfered in the American elections to demonstrate to his own citizens his prowess in world affairs.

His preference for President of the U.S. was Hillary Clinton because she, as Secretary of State, had established a pattern of susceptibility to manipulation.  As things progressed, however, hacking into the Democrat Party’s computer system was easier than breaching the Republican’s.  So Putin took the easy way to demonstrate his abilities that were honed in the KGB.

During the campaign, there probably was as much contact between Russian operatives and the Clinton camp as there was between Russia and Trump.  Had Clinton won, those contacts would have been viewed by the media and Congress as just good international relations building.

Fact 5:  The Trump administration’s relations with Russia have been noticeably more antagonistic than the let’s be friends and press the reset button policies of the Obama/Clinton reign.  So there is no evidence of nefarious contacts between Russian and Trump operatives during the campaign.

So here’s the perspective.

If the media would concentrate on “facts” instead of “news,”  there might be fewer riots, demonstrations, and Chuck Schumers propagandizing for special prosecutors.

Don’t hold your breath.


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