Newton’s Third Law and Politics

Bill Neinast

A recent letter to the editor of this newspaper had an odd ending.  The last three sentences were, “Throughout history, politics have often had something in common with physics.  For every action there is a reaction.  There unquestionably will be a significant reaction to the Presidency of Donald Trump.”

The author of those sentences is the Chairman of the local Democrat Party.  He was lamenting the derailment of Ma and Pa Clinton’s attempt to go back and use the White House furniture they had tried to take with them when they were evicted a few years ago.

There were, however, two errors in the three sentences.

First, the law of physics that was referenced was not quoted correctly.  Newton’s Third Law reads, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Second, there was no acknowledgment that the election being criticized was an excellent example  of the validity of Newton’s Third Law.

On November 8, citizens of the so called Fly Over Country produced an equal and opposite reaction to eight years of socialization and withdrawal from world leadership.  

Among the more serious events to which the voters reacted were the first steps toward a single payer medical system, or socialized medicine.  Those steps were aggravated by the false promises about keeping your own doctors and insurance, lower insurance costs, and the infamous comment of Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi that,“We have to pass the [Affordable Care Act] before you can read [the more than a thousand pages in] it.”

Then there was the debacle over the State Department’s mishandling of  both Benghazi and classified materials.  Those questions were swirling around Ma Clinton, the Democrats’ prized candidate for President.

While on the subject of Clinton, voters could not overlook the multitude of investigations into her reign of Secretary of State while becoming a multi- millionaire benefitting from the Clinton Foundation.

The voters in the Rust Belt of Fly Over country were also aware that, according to the Labor Department, about 95 million Americans are "not in the labor force.”  This is not the “unemployment rate” often touted by the current Administration as improving, but includes all Americans who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and quit looking for jobs.

The 95 million number is the highest since the Great Depression of the last century and includes the multitude of coal miners who were forced from the mines closed by the current Administration.

Close behind those coal miners are the welders and other construction workers sitting idly by while the Obama Administration refuses, after years of “study,” to approve the Keystone and Standing Rock Indian Reservation  pipelines and natural gas liquefaction permits.  Piling on those job abolishing tactics is the Administration’s removing millions of acres of public lands from oil and gas production.

These concerns over domestic affairs pale in comparisons with foreign affairs.  We surrendered without a whimper our status as the respected leader of the free world and paid ransom for an Army deserter. Even more egregious than that debacle was paying more ransom for some Americans imprisoned by the dangerous Iranian regime and giving the Ayatollahs the green light to continue developing intercontinental missiles to carry the nuclear weapons they will develop in ten years.

All of these were among the concerns of the Fly Over voters when they looked at the Democrats’ offer to continue on the same course with Ma and Pa Clinton back in the White House.  Then, while some voters were still thinking that anything would be better than a Trump presidency, the Democrats let the feather destined to break their backs flutter down.

Two Chairs of the Democratic National Committee had to resign when it was revealed that they were manipulating the election process to favor Ma Clinton’s grab for the reigns.

So here’s the perspective.

As noted in the letter highlighted in the first paragraph. there is a connection between politics and Newton’s Third Law.

There was a strong opposite reaction to Democratic Party rule.  Not only was the Party’s grab for the White House frustrated, Republican domination of Congress and state capitols eclipsed the Democrats. 

On November 7, the news media was concentrating with some satisfaction on the Republican Party being in tatters and the amount of “rebuilding” that would be required.  On November 9, however, the media was dumbfounded with its realization that it was the Democrat Party in tatters.  

Currently, that party’s only hope is that Newton’s Third Law will prevail in the next elections.

Only time will tell.  


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