Now That’s a Nightmare

Bill Neinast

Dream interpretation should be left to the experts.  My characterization last week of Nancy Pelosi in the White House as a nightmare was way off the mark.

In retrospect, and after watching the socialist candidates debate Tuesday night, Pelosi was just an unpleasant dream.  A real nightmare was watching the so called debate.

Who are these people?  What country do they come from?  What country do they want to lead?

They talk with one voice about the plight of middle class and lower class Americans.   According to them, the only Americans living comfortably in this country are the multi-millionaires and those basking in the cradle of the evil large corporations.

They are careful to limit their outrage against millionaires to the uber multi-millionaires.  They have to be careful in that regard because Sanders.Biden, and others among them are just plain millionaires.

In their feigned outrage, they never mention that new home construction is currently at a 13 year high.  Who are those homes being built for?  The multi-millionaires cannot be that much in need of new or additional homes.

There is also no discussion,  or even a mention, of the lowest unemployment rate ever for minorities.

To recognize that full employment picture would require them to give up another of their objects of disdain—corporate America.  Those evil corporations are making obscene profits and paying no taxes.

Or so goes their usual rant.  There is never a hint that they understand that corporations have a very large hand in keeping that unemployment rate so low.  

The constantly growing record highs in the stock market are also ignored.  That, however, is understandable.  Everyone knows, of course, that only the super rich are concerned about stock prices.

That alone illustrates the candidates’ background in some country other than the U.S.  Every town the size of Brenham has a stock brokerage firm.  They are there to serve the needs of the many ordinary working class Americans interested in the stock market.

There is no mention of the replacement of NAFTA with a new free trade agreement between the U.S. and its northern and southern neighbors.  Both Mexico and the U.S. have approved the agreement that will be a boon to farmers and other producers.  As soon as Canada gets on board, the North American continent will become a formidable trading block with the rest of the world.

Conversely, the new interim agreement with China is recognized but roundly criticized.  The candidates believe that the purchase of billions of dollars worth of American agricultural and manufactured goods is illusory.  They assert that China cannot be trusted and will soon fail to follow through on the agreement.  That our President was the first to actually do something about this problem instead of just talk about it is never mentioned.

Unfortunately, the only honest person on that debate stage was Bernie Sanders.  He at least admits that he is a socialist.  The others are just as socialistic but insist that they are old style Democrats.

That, however, is also a bit of a nightmare.  How can an  avowed socialist have so many millions of supporters and donors in this thriving capitalist economy?  

Do his supporters have even a clue about socialism?  Have they ever heard of the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, and many other countries where dictators have taken over and imposed socialism on the workers?

The offer of freebies must be the key.  Who would not be happy with free medical care for all and free college education for all?

Those who would not be happy with such a bag of freebies are those who know that nothing, other than air, is free.  Someone or something has to pay for whatever is being offered for free.  If the government is offering the freebie, the bill goes to the taxpayers.  

Has this simple fact been forgotten in schools, colleges, and universities?  The rousing support of Sanders indicates that personal accountability and responsibility is a foreign concept to millions of voters.

So here’s the perspective.

Ignoring the fantastic, unprecedented economic vigor of   the United States is unbelievable.  There appears to be a job available for anyone who wants one, albeit the job may not be in the immediate vicinity of the job seeker.

Why, then, is there so much doom and gloom among those wanting to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office?

The answer is simple.  It is hatred.

The object of that hatred is Donald Trump.  Those on the debate stage Tuesday night seem to be willing to pay any price to get him out of the White House.  

They know that the flawed impeachment is a loser and the only hope to get rid of him is at the polls in November.  To do that, they are more than willing to place the country on the slippery slope of socialism.

Now that is a nightmare.



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