Patricia never aspired to be a writer but is enjoying being a pen-pal and writing letters to friends and family, many of whom tell her she should indeed be one.  “I leave that to my son,” she says when told she should write.  But the truth is, Pat has written several short articles and stories that have been published, and she has fun with writing from time to time.  Encouraged by her cousin John, this is her first on-line publishing experience. 

Patricia graduated from the College of Santa Fe with a BA in Business and Public Administration.  She retired from government work having been an office administrator and budget analyst for engineers, physicists, and scientists in highly technical fields.  She spent a lot of time helping construct and edit technical papers for them.  Pat says this is why she can’t seem to develop her own writing style because she gets too bogged down in the technical construction of the text. 

Nevertheless, she considers herself a rather creative person in that she finds it easy to write rhyme and jingles and was once very into arts and crafts, dancing, and Little Theater.  These days she is enjoying life at a slower pace and revisiting writing and being a pen-pal to several friends through Email.

Patricia and her husband Ray live in Northern Alabama where he is a retired NASA photographer.  Both are enjoying their retirement.

This past February (2018), Patricia published her first book:
The Squirrel That Ate the Truck: 16 Years Surviving Rural Alabama Hell.



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