The Poetry of Lisa Urban


Dropped Blossom Smiles

By Lisa Urban


Blooming tears
Vibrant and lively

Walk the empty world
Through the misty clouds

Plucked at their prime
Too young to grow
Too old to prosper

Left behind by the
Warm sun


For the golden waves
To carry them away.


Live Summer Breath

By Lisa Urban

There is a place
A happy place
A safe place

A place free from the power
And fears of the outside

Kept safe by the mountains
Free to roam and explore

To find this place
We must believe
Close our eyes

Full knowing that only a select few
Will ever get their dream

We wait…
Daylight turns dark
Clouds form
Leaving melted puddles

As time passes
The realization hits
And we know
That dreams, while fantastic
Are really just



Traveling Violet Eyes

By Lisa Urban

Radiant beams
Of fuchsia light

Penetrate the surface
Bouncing back
Hitting the ground

Behind the fence
All daylight dies

Those who try to
Imagine a better place
Can only find horror

Stay here
On this side

Where the air is clear
And the sky is free

Allow none to pass
Keep all away

Don’t break
Don’t bend
Just run


 Flowing Insect Winter

By Lisa Urban

Sticky. Sap.
Falling. Leaves.
Muggy. Soil.

Hidden. Beasts.
Gruesome. Holes.
Darkened. Dirt.

Scared. Cicadas.
Hold. Tight.
Broken. Sand.

Wet. Landings.
Gloomy. Nights.
Forgotten. Earth.




What for
Will never be known.

Perhaps the sun
With intense rays
Pounding the ground

Maybe a weary traveler
Unaware of the deadly nature
Until it is too late to turn back

Or a second, third, fourth to emerge
Creating a colony
Controlling the plains

Will the battle ever end?
Will the struggle ever stop?
Will the mystery ever escape?
Only time will tell



Barren land

Nowhere to go
Nothing to see

Hills upon hills
of murky dust

Spring forth
Out of the filth
Emerges new roots

Inching their way
Creating a path

Living free
on sandy ground

Hoping to someday
Revitalize the Earth
and bring back
All those lost.


Broken Amber Haze

By Lisa Urban

Foggy clouds
Of amber breath

Hover calmly
Below branches
Of hollow bark

Waiting for the moon to rise
The sun to fall
The fire to start

Looking down to see
The woven limbs
Of forgotten souls.

With leaves of gold
And shadows of ruin.

Ready for the signal
To explode the forest
With one loud blow

Keeping nothing sacred
Nothing free

Speeding past
Creating wind
Sending chills
Through the thick
Dense air

In it’s wake
A haze will rise.

Allowing those who suffered
To live.

One branch
One limb
One leave
At a time.

A new world will

And stories will fade.
Until one day
The disaster is
Only a broken


Frozen Summer Harvest

By Lisa Urban

Streams of consciousness
Floating in the sun

Chasing ropes of
Clouded heartbeats

Moonlight pulse
Pounds the surface

Breaking the limbs
Creating pieces of

Shattering through
Veins of
Crumbled cliffs

Picked and savored
By the lips of
Our Shadows.


Beneath Wandering Thoughts

By Lisa Urban

Beneath bending trees
Lies a hidden path
Created with magic
With sunlight
With hope.

Take my hands
Hold me tight
Together we
Travel the world
Explore new places
Wander through the dawn.

Only the landscape
To be our friend
New feelings will arise
Calm happinss
Warm heartbeats
Pink love.

In the morning,
Clouds will form
Escape within our sights
Leap hills
Run free
Grab the ropes

Sing of adventure
of longing
of the feelings we once shared.

Back when the land was new,
The sky was young
and hope was in our grasp.

Remembering the journey
of days past
And wandering the fields



Fallen Moon Drops

By Lisa Urban

Oil on canvas - 32 in x 24in - 2014

Darkness Lingers
While Happiness Fades

Reflected shadows
Of violet and blue

Forever floating
Beyond the pool

Shiny Sparks
Woven like new

Fallen ropes
And hopeful friends

Dancing water
Above and through


Wild Window Weeds

By Lisa Urban

Oil on canvas - 28 in x 44 in - 2014

Dwelling in the corner
Far from any hope
Sitting in the shadows
Waiting for the rope

Balls of sprouted mildew
Glowing green mold
Weeds forever transformed
Beginning to take hold

Peer beyond the window
Out into the space
Wait for one last glance
Leave no single trace

Creep around the corner
Draw from what you see
Keep the world silent
Never to be free.


Howling Black Bark

By Lisa Urban

Oil on canvas -40 in x 32 in - 2014

Traveling through darkness
Ominous and black
Beyond the night trees
Waiting to attack

Crunching the leaves on the way out
Dangling from the top
Over, under and within the cave
Holding til one final drop

Hitting the ground, mossy and gross
Spreading throughout the Earth
The cave opens up with one loud roar
As the ribbons begin to give birth

Illuminated orange and green
Keeping pace with the sky
Dancing like fire and rain
Ready to take off and fly

Seen by no one,
Yet Creeping so near
Open your eyes
And face the fear.


Early Snow Flowers

By Lisa Urban

Oil on canvas - 32 in x 40 in - 2014

Blooming through the night
Keeping warm and clear
Open to the sun
Yet cowering in fear

Traveling the cliffs
From far and wide
Moving the ropes
With nowhere to hide

Nestling in the cracks
Above the snowy ground
Gathering their friends
In silent sound

Icy warm light
penetrates the moon
Leaving the land
All too soon


Whispering Dawn Thunder

By Lisa Urban

Moonrise, full sun
Adventures lie within
The dangling walls
Of violet mystery

Late morning, early night
Speaking loud
But still hidden under
Beds of tangled ropes

Quiet yells, loud whispers
Grab the bar
Hold on tight
float beyond the strangling walls

Frozen movement, speedy stillness
Winding down
Narrow paths of
Thundering dawn.


Autumn Field Night

By Lisa Urban

Hidden fields
Passing bends

Chains of rope
and sky

Trapped forests
Dark sunsets

Never asking


Listening Owl Journey

By Lisa Urban

Blue sunlight from above
Golden moodrops
Forbidden love.

Trapped, stacked, towering fear
Orbs of madness
Steady and clear.

Looking under window traps
Jagged walls
Pieces and scraps.

Keeping secrets
Locked up tight
Warm perspectives
Held by night.


Cold Dandelion Trickle

By Lisa Urban

Flowing ribbons
Trickle down

Blue moonlight
Bends around

Hidden shadows
Growing waves

Shiney darkness
Wandering caves

Expand and melt
Flower and die

Trapped oceans
Surf on by


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