President Trump: a Man of His Word

Bill Neinast

Three years ago, on February 22, this column opened with these words:

“This is a simple trivia question.  Which of these words do not apply to Donald Trump?  Juvenile, bully, narcissistic, buffoon. arrogant,  petulant, untrustworthy, chameleon,  aggressive, verbose, argumentative, thin skinned, hard headed, hypocritical, vacillator, scowler.”

In the ensuing three years, Donald Trump has moved into the White House, but, with one exception, nothing has occurred to change anyone’s answers to the above question.

The exception is the one about untrustworthy.  The record is clear that, unlike most other politicians, our President is a man of his word.  With one exception, he has done everything that he said or promised he would do while campaigning.

The exception is that Mexico has not built a wall along our southern border.  The absence of a wall, however, is not because the President has not been trying valiantly to close that border against an invasion.  The wide gaps in that safety barrier are due solely to the blind, hateful opposition by Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues.

Consider, however, the many things that have changed through his striving to keep his promise to Make America Great Again.

First, other NATO countries are paying more of their share in protecting the safety of the member countries.  These contributions are 75 years overdue, but no former President made an effort to collect them.

The U.S. has withdrawn from the Iranian Nuclear Accord.  This disastrous agreement was shamelessly negotiated  by President Obama as as an “agreement” to circumvent  having it as a treaty that would require affirmation by the Senate.

Once the Senate was pushed off the stage, Obama sent a plane load of billions of dollars to Teheran and lifted sanctions so that an unverifiable agreement that supposedly delays Iran’s development of nuclear weapons for ten years could go into effect.

There was little or no outrage in the media when Obama soccer punched the Senate on that deal, but reaction to our President keeping his word and withdrawing from the agreement was roughly equivalent to a Hurricane Harvey devastating the entire country,

Consider also his promise to make international trade fairer for the U.S.  NAFTA has been redrafted to even the trade playing field between the U.S. and Mexico and Canada.  

Embargos and taxing measures have, for the first time,  brought China, our biggest trade problem, to the bargaining table.

Although no trade agreement has been finalized with China, our President has said he will walk away from the table if a deal favorable to the U.S. does not seem possible.  His prior actions in deals like this show that he is a man of his word.

The annual GDP is the highest it has been in years and is expected to go higher.

Wages are rising and the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in years; the lowest ever among minorities.

Couple those rising wages with the lower income tax rates for the middle class and everyone should be happy.  Unfortunately, though, some journalists and working stiffs cannot handle simple math.

The news of the day is that many are complaining that their tax refunds this year are smaller than they have been in the past.  They cannot remember or understand that, because of the tax reductions, less money was withheld from their paychecks and that they had more  money in their pockets trhoughout the year.

In the jobs market, repealing or revoking thousands of pages of restrictive regulations on various businesses, imposing tariffs on steel and other products so that some closed U.S. mills can reopen and compete, and putting more spending money in the pockets of consumers are some of the factors spurring the GDP.

So here’s the perspective.

These are just a few examples of our President keeping his campaign promises and trying to Make America Great Again.

Notwithstanding his irritating personality, if he is given proper credit for what he has done for our country, he will be a formidable opponent against any socialist opposing him in 2020.



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