Roll Dem Dice

John W. Pinkerton

Some times you just got to roll the dice.

If you’ve been around for a while and have been conscious most of the time, you know Hillary is an amoral witch which is now just as she was 40 years ago when she was making a small fortune on cattle futures (See  I’ll have to give it to Hillary: she’s a bitch rain or shine.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is an ignorant, chest-beating gorilla.

When I weigh my options, I notice that I can hardly feel the weight of either in the palms of my hands.

Up until Obama, I strongly believed in the ability of almost anyone who becomes President to rise to the level of the office.  He chose to bring the office down to his level.  So much for that theory.

I know Hillary is a liar, a crook, and God knows what else she’s done in her life which would make little children shiver in the dark.

Trump, on the other hand, claims to be a pretty good businessman, not perfect, but not a crook, but not without business problems.

He has a lot of erroneous opinions: he doesn’t like captured soldiers like McCain, and George Bush is a liar.  Actually he sounds much more like a Democrat than a Republican.  The worst thing he’s said is that a judge hearing one of his cases can’t be objective because of his Hispanic heritage.  Being new to politics, he may have just gotten in the wrong line when registering to run for President.  In spite of all this, he managed to knock off a number of pretty sound Republican candidates for President.  He did this not with intellect, but by name calling: “Little Marco,” “Lying Ted,” et cetera.  Holy crap!

I’m not sure he knows much about international affairs or, for that matter, national affairs.

Hillary, on the other hand, should know a lot about both national and international issues: she’s managed to profit from most of them.  Unfortunately, there is not a position on any of the issues that serves the interest of the American people.  Again, holy crap!

I know a lot of you folks are thinking about not voting at all.  I have voted in every Presidential election since I was young fellow.  I’ve voted for my candidate even when I suspected he had no chance.  I’ve voted for the fellow I felt was the better candidate even when I wasn’t enthusiastic about him.  So  man-up, make your choice, and vote.

So, should I vote for a known sack of shit or should I gamble on a big bag of wind.

Well, boys and girls, it comes down to this: when I pull the lever for Donald or Hillary, should I choose the one that I’m embarrassed to vote for or the one I’m ashamed to vote for?

I don’t know about you, but as for me, I’d rather be embarrassed than ashamed.

Go, Donald, you jackass.



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