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I know little more about art than the average schmo; however, when I begin to feel a vibration when viewing art, I know I’ve discovered something special.  While viewing Roxana’s work for the first time at Square 1 Art Studio, I sensed the hum of the vibration.  I contacted Roxana via email; thank goodness, she was agreeable to having a page on our website.


I'm a native Texan. I was born and raised in Texas. In 1983 I graduated from Texas State University with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1986 with an MFA in Painting.

“In 2000 after earning a specialization in metalsmithing from Texas State University, I found a fresh jump into the art world by making and exhibiting my work at the national level in many shows over the past four years.  I began incorporating symbolic, iconic, and pop-culture images in the work through photo etching, casting, and the use of found objects. Soon, I found myself drawn back to the process of finding and using many images from my surroundings and the larger world. My love of drawing and painting pulled me back into the wonderful world of mixed media processes. Here I could use paint, graphite, ink, collage, photo-transfers, found objects, and appropriated or invented images to make my work. This more immediate process of working allowed me to almost speak the drawings. My works layer recognizable image with gold leaf, paint, graphite, scraps of paper, diary entries from the 60's, old newspapers and book pages, drawn images, stamped images, printed images, photo transfers, and formed 24K gold figures.

“I like to consider myself normal. But, I think my impulse and obsession for drawing suggests a bit of oddity.

“In these mixed media works, I incorporate disparate, recognizable images appropriated from various sources, excerpts from dreams, painted and drawn marks/shapes, printed shapes, and sometimes, formed 24 K gold shapes, and cast-bronze toys. Some of the pieces are playful, some sordid, some sexual, some reflective, but all offer points of recognition for the viewer. Ultimately, I don't want to be the authority for the viewer. I want the viewer to find his/her own contact point with my work: to enjoy it, hate it, or just respond to it in a purely honest way.”






The Hunting Art Prize, 2013 Finalist. Houston, Texas

     Slocumb Galleries, Johnson City, Tennessee


Member of the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas


Contemporary Art at the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington


The Dames Show, Square 1 Art Studio, Bryan, Texas (small group show)

Texas and Neighbors, Tri-State Regional Juried Art Exhibit, Irving Art Center, Irving, Texas

You are Here: Mapping the Journeys. Featured artist. Walker’s Gallery, San Marcos, Texas


Faculty Exhibition, University Gallery, Texas State University-San Marcos


Prints, Drawings, and Paintings, Three-person Invitational, Gallery Black   

Lagoon, Austin, Texas

Small Group Invitational, Square 1 Art Studio, Bryan, Texas


WWW small group Invitational, DTroppy Studio/Gallery, Beaumont, Texas

“One Cube Foot” TASA show -Third Place Award for drawing “speech impediment” State wide show: Art educators

The Fiction Project: The Color of Betrayal. Illustrated.

This work is a 11,000 word narrative book that fuses writing

with art. The book is housed in the Permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY.

Putting-It-All-Together: Collage, Montage, and Assemblage

Climate/Gallery, 37-24 24th Street, Suite 406 Long Island City, New York National Group show


43rd Annual National Drawing and Small Sculpture Show, Del Mar

National Juried Group show

100 for 100 Scholarship Fundraiser, University Gallery, Texas State University


"Admiration" National Juried Show, SAVA Exhibition Gallery,

San Antonio, Texas, National Juried Group show

Bold Expressions 53rd Annual International Juried Art Exhibition

Carmichael, CA.Merit Award, International Juried Group show

"Ego," A National Juried Exhibit, Newark Arts Alliance, Newark, DE,                 juror:  Ryan Grover, juror's prize, National juried Group show

"See What I Mean?” Image and Text, Featured Artist

Walker Gallery, San Marcos, Texas, local group show

Figurative Collaboration, D. Troppy Studios, group show, Beaumont, Texas

"Generations," Walkers Gallery, San Marcos, Texas, local group show

"Art Works" 2008, Walkers Gallery, San Marcos, Texas, local group show

"Conversations," D. Troppy Studios, Beaumont, Texas, Regional group show


"Time Lapse Existence,” Central Texas College, Killeen, Texas, Regional

solo  show

"ArtWorks" 2007. Walkers Gallery, San Marcos, Texas


"Life Notes," McCreary Gallery, CAC, Temple, Texas, Regional solo show


All Media V, International Juried Competition, Period Gallery, Lincoln,


Special recognition: "Thermal Guardian" and "Liberee," National Group



Texas Roots, The Lodge at Creekside, Wimberly, Texas, Regional invitational

Faculty Exhibition, University Gallery, Texas State University-San Marcos


"Nature and Time," Natur und Zeit, Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau

Hanau, Germany, International group


Group Exhibition, Women & Their Work Gallery, 1710 Lavaca,

Austin, Texas


New Metal: Emerging Views, Contemporary Craft Gallery, Portland, Oregon

Materials: Hard & Soft Exhibition, Center For The Visual Arts,                Denton,Texas

22nd  Annual Alumni Exhibition, University Gallery, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, Best of Show award

“In The Palm of Your Hand” Juried Student Exhibit, Maryville

University, Saint Louis, Missouri


All Student Juried Competition, University Gallery,  Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

Society of North American Goldsmiths Student Exhibition. The Jacob

Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington


All Student Juried Competition, University Gallery, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos Texas

Society of North American Goldsmiths Juried Student Slide Presentation, Albuquerque, New Mexico


All Student Juried Competition, University Gallery, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas


Alumni Show, University Gallery, Southwest Texas State University,

San Marcos, Texas


Juried Alumni Exhibition, University Gallery, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, Merit Award


Solo Show:"Drawings from the Source," Kerby Lane Café, Austin, Texas




Del Mar College

Spanish Governer's Palace, San Antonio, Texas

Sacramento Fine Arts Center Galleries

Newark Arts Alliance, Newark, DE


Roxana has a new website (http://roxanatuff.com) and email address (roxytee3@gmail.com).