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Ponk Vonsydow
Copyright © Ponk Vonsydow 2021
Ponk Vonsydow asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.
This is a work of fiction. The names, characters, and incidents portrayed are based solely on the author's imagination.
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopied, recorded or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author.

 CAPTAINS LOG: Stardate: 5028.4: Mr. Spock and I have successfully completed our top secret classified mission to steal a Romulan cloaking device, which once we had the cloaking device on board, it was installed in a hurry by Chief Engineer Scott, so we could use the cloaking device to mount our escape given the Enterprise at that juncture was surrounded by three Romulan warships.

I was already on the bridge when Mr. Spock arrived out of the turbo-lift accompanied by our surprise guest, the female Romulan commander, whose name we still don't know. Mr. Spock was set to be executed by the Romulan's for high treason, when we managed to beam him back aboard the Enterprise before his execution took place. Spock reported to me that as he began to shimmer just before he dematerialized for unknown reasons the quite beautiful Romulan commander, who was standing near to him, suddenly hugged him so she dematerialized along with Mr. Spock to appear on the pads next to him in the transporter room. I have advised Starfleet of the success of our mission, yet Earth and Starfleet Command are still two weeks distant from our current coordinates at standard warp 4 cruising speed. In the meantime Starfleet has authorized Mr. Spock to go ahead and begin interrogating our Romulan guest. Something we are sure shall prove to be very interesting. While the lady Romulan Commander is onboard, she will treated with all according respect, nevertheless she will be escorted anywhere she goes on the ship while she's aboard by a security officer, who will also stand guard outside the doors to her quarters. I have planned an official dinner in the banquet hall with my senior staff and the Romulan commander, in an effort to help her feel at ease while among the enemy in the hopes she will somewhat decide she can relax, so that Mr. Spock can retrieve a more substantial modicum of information from her about the Romulan Empire and its people, whom we actually know little about. Log out."

Captain Kirk saw Dr. McCoy enter the bridge as he stepped from out of the turbo-lift.

"Good to see you again Bones, what's the occasion?"

McCoy smiled and replied in his usual jovial southern gentleman's manner:

"I'm here to inform you you're scheduled for surgery, Jim. I am ready to bob those pointy ears!"

Kirk in all the excitement had completely forgotten the cosmetic surgery he had just underwent to pass himself off as a Romulan officer. Kirk shrugged his shoulders then got up from his seat in his command chair ready to follow the good doctor to sickbay. Before he left he addressed Commander Uhura his communications officer:

"Uhura contact Engineer Scott and inform him to arrive at the banquet hall at the dinner hour dressed in full dress uniform. That goes for the rest of you, all senior staff is required to attend this function!"

After Captain Kirk left the bridge with Dr. McCoy, Lt. Sulu spoke to Ensign Chekov:

"Its not often I get to dress up in my dress uniform, Chekov!"

Chekov replied in his thick Russian accent:

"Mine itches, me worse than Russian wool!"
Later that same artificial evening, given there really isn't day or night on board a starship; The Romulan Commander was pleased to discover her comfortable quarters came with a computer monitor that allowed her access to a Federation digital encyclopedia. Now that she knew she was stuck behind enemy lines she wished to learn as much as she could about the enemy as soon as possible. She was busy entertaining herself by reading an article that was an unclassified overview about the Federation and Starfleet, being grateful that part of her training including learning how to read and write as well as to speak the Federation's official English language. She had come to know that speaking English was more expressive than her native Romulan tongue because English provided words to describe emotions and other circumstances alien to the Romulan people.

It was then when the buzzer to her doors chimed. When she thumbed the button to open the doors when they slid sideways into the cubby there was a red shit security officer who said:

"The Captain and senior staff await you in the banquet hall. Please follow me and I shall escort you there."

The Romulan Commander smoothed her uniform's short skirt and allowed the security officer to take hold of her right elbow. The turbo-lift took them closer to her destination. She arrived at the banquet hall a short time later. When she entered the hall, a Starfleet officer wearing a red tunic with a patterned sash over his shoulder and knee length kilt, stood to call the rest of the officers to attention. She recognized Mr. Spock, who looked sharp in his blue tunic festooned with gold brick-a-brac and his various medals, and she recognized Captain Kirk who was briefly her prisoner. Kirk was also wearing what must have been his gold dress uniform complete with all his medals. As for the rest of Kirk's senior staff she guessed Kirk would introduce her to all of them next. Now Captain Kirk spoke:

"Welcome Commander, we have invited you to be our esteemed guest for dinner and drinks. I am Captain James T Kirk; you are already familiar with Mr. Spock no doubt. Standing next to Mr. Spock is our chief surgeon Dr. Leonard McCoy. To his right is Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott. To his right is helmsman Hikaru Sulu. To his right is helmsman Pavel Chekov, and last the lovely exotic looking lady is our communications officer Lt. Uhura. Mam, Lt. Uhura has something to say to you."

The commander nodded in Uhura's direction as Uhura spoke:
"I thought I would lend you some civilian clothes to wear while you're onboard. You look to be about the same size as me so I think some of my dresses and gowns will fit you."

The commander was pleased to hear that:

"Your offer to lend me some clothes to wear is gracious and kind. I will be pleased to accept them, thank you, Lt. Uhura."

Kirk spoke next:
"Let's be seated everyone! Scotty has a nice surprise for us."

Everyone sat down in there seat as Scotty produced a bottle of pale blue iridescent Romulan ale. Everyone took hold of their chalices ready for Scotty to serve them a sample. The Romulan commander as equally impressed as she was curious:

"I didn't think human people from the Federation of Planets would have a supply of our Romulan ale. 
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