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Same Man: Same Problem

John W. Pinkerton


I hate to try to explain the world to liberals because they have such a rosy view.  It's like crushing a child's dreams.

They seem to believe that conservatives prefer war to peace.  Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth.  They, on the other hand, think wars are totally unnecessary.  They also believe that our military should be weak so it's not a threat to the world.

Our current world problem is with radical Islamists.  Liberals seem to believe that they want to kill us--- Westerners, because they don't have meaningful jobs, that they are poor, or that they just don't understand us, or that we have offended them.

Liberals tend to try to view the world in the context of their own morality.  Some times morality has little to do with the situation.

Why did the Native Americans lose their land to a bunch of Europeans?  Was it because the Europeans were evil people?  Nope.  Now I'm not going to try to convince you that they were noble, moral people.  They were just people.  Usually the Native Americans are portrayed as noble, moral people.  Please.  They were just people.  They lost their land because the Europeans could take it from them.  The Native Americans didn't have the technological advances needed to defend themselves from the invaders.  They lost their land.

Why did Putin invade and annex the Crimea?  Because he could.  He had the military might to do it, and he knew that no balancing force would stop him.  Is Putin an evil man?  Perhaps, but he was only doing what mankind has done since recorded history.

Why did Hitler march into Czechoslavokia and most of the rest of Europe and claim it as Germany's?  Because he could.  The defenses of the European countries were weak.  After all, they had fought WWI, the war to end all wars.  They forgot or simply denied in the face of past evidence that if a neighbor sees a chance to take their neighbor's property, they will.  It's just that simple.


The dominate philosophy for thousands of years has been what mine is mine and what's  yours is also mine. 

The Islamist are a little different but the same.  Because we are Christians, not Islamists, they wish to convert us or destroy us which is pretty much the same.

Why do you think most of us insist on having guns in our homes?  The same reason.  Many folks want what we have regardless of how humble it may be, and in the process they may also take our lives.

I believe in the good intentions of most folks, but history proves that in the larger picture, if given the opportunity, we'll take what our neighbor has simply because we can.  Why do you think we have so many laws and so much law enforcement to protect us from our neighbors?  Why do you think that countries around the world have strict border laws?

What kept the Soviet Union during the Cold War from defeating and claiming as their own the United States?  A strong military, not the goodness of their hearts.

If you liberals believe that wars with our neighbors can be avoided by loving them, good for you and your morally smug attitude.  As for the rest of us, we recognize the history of man and realize that wars are only avoidable if we are the biggest, baddest folks on the block.

I still laugh when I think of Secretary of State Kerry describing Putin's action in Crimea as Barbaric and belonging in a past century.  He is deluding himself if he thinks man has changed from being the man he was in the 15th Century.   Same man; same problems.