Scary Socialists-Democrats

Bill Neinast

This is another hard one.  What is the right classification?  Is it R or XX?

The program to be classified is the scary movie on TV last Tuesday.  That was the first of the two debates among Socialist-Democrats seeking the nomination for President in next year’s national election.

Those two hours engendered fear in two areas.  First was the fear that most of the candidates appeared to have no understanding of economics, business, mathematics, sovereignty, or anything else expected of the nation’s leader.

The best example was their trashing of big business.  With few exceptions, the candidates were critical of those greedy corporations that were not paying their fair share of taxes or no taxes at all.

None seemed to understand that those corporations are the source or provider of much of the employment in the country.  Those who might recognize that reality are quick to respond with, “But look at all those filthy profits winding up in the pockets of those greedy executives.”

There, again, is no understanding of the businesses at the core of this economy.  Do they not know, or can they not comprehend, that the profits go to the owners of the companies?  The owners are stockholders scattered throughout the country.  Some of the complainers may be stockholders themselves and not know it.  

Possibly some of them have retirement accounts of some type that invest in various stocks to insure stability and growth.  The dividends paid on those stocks is the corporations’ distribution of their profits.

The stockholders, in turn, pay income tax on those dividends.  So most corporations do pay taxes in the conventional way and all that distribute dividends pay additional taxes through their stockholders.

These unrealistic dreamers then want to pay everyone’s medical bills because in their words, “...everyone has a right to medical care.”

There is never a discussion of when, where, and how this right was established, or who established it.  Nonetheless, assume there is such a right, what establishes an obligation of the government to pay for it?

Our Declaration of Independence mentions only three rights:  they are recognized as being “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Does this obligate the government to pay for my happiness, regardless of what that entails.

The Bill of Rights refers to a number of rights, such as the right to bear arms.  Will the Socialist-Democrat candidates next undertake to underwrite that constitutionally recognized right to bear arms?

The second scary part was the complete lack of understanding of what socialism of dictatorship does to a country.  Consider, for example, this short history of the last quarter century of the latest country to be caught in the socialism trap.  Here is Venezuela’s fate by the years.

1992 Became third richest country in the Hemisphere

1997 Became second largest purchaser of the F-150

2001 Voted for “Income Equality”

2004  Healthcare is socialized

2009  Private ownership of guns is prohibited

2012 Bernie Sanders praised their “American Dream”

2014  Opposition leaders are imprisoned

2016 Food and healthcare shortages become                      prevalent 

2017   Constitution and elections are suspended

2018   Unarmed citizens massacred by government 

Knowledge of socialism’s history is what made Tuesday’s program so scary.  That preview of what our beloved country might be facing caused nightmares in this family.  Will we end up looking like the Eastern European countries we visited shortly after the Berlin Wall fell?

So here’s the perspective.

The calls to socialism coming from the stage Tuesday were just part of the scare.  The enthusiastic reception by the audience was just as scary.

That audience represented an unknown percentage of  voters who are equally ignorant of the ultimate consequences of socialism.  If there are enough of those uninformed voters to turn the White House and both houses of Congress over to those on the stage Tuesday, the United States will be set on a course  of stagnation.

That possibility really scares me.

Any repeat or clone of last  Tuesday’s program should be rated XX.



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