Senators and Sense

Bill Neinast

There should be, there must be, an FBI investigation.  The subject to be looked into is the lack of qualifications of some U.S. Senators to serve as members of the highest legislative body in the country.

The first one to come under scrutiny should be Kirsten Gillibrand, currently occupying one of the two seats reserved for senators from New York.

The most sensible thing this senator has said about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation against Brett Kavanauch is that, “I believe her, because she said it.”

If that is the most sensible, imagine her other rants and raves to rally the “#Me Too” adherents to lobby against the confirmation of Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

Next in line for an FBI probe should be Senator Diane Feinstein.  Her holding the letter of accusation against Kavanaugh for over three months as she sat through the committee hearings on his nomination is totally unacceptable.

These, obviously, are facetious recommendations.  They are no more ridiculous, however, than the presumably serious calls for an FBI investigation of the Ford allegation.

The incident described by Ford is a sexual assault.  That is a state offense, not a federal case under FBI jurisdiction.  Although there is no statute of limitations on this type of offense in Maryland where the assault allegedly occurred,  imagine the problem of investigating a five minute incident 36 years ago with no physical evidence.  Any official investigation would be no different than the she said/he said inquiry already in progress.

Kavanaugh has already been the subject of six background investigations by the FBI.  

I have been on both sides of that type of investigation several times.  I have been the subject for security clearances and have been interrogated in investigations of others.  

Those investigations are very detailed and thorough.  The chances of any credible evidence of Kavanaugh’s misconduct being missed in all six of those investigations is nil.

Nonetheless, the suggestion for an FBI investigation is the least ridiculous of all the other demands coming from Ford, Feinstein, et al.

How about the suggestion that Judge Kavanaugh be the first questioned by the Judiciary Committee?  What?  An accused is to be cross examined before any evidence against him is presented?

When that ridiculous proposal got the thumbs down, dirty politics came up with one even further out.  How about the suggestion that Ford and Kavanaugh not be before the committee at the same time?

Hanging over all this was the most difficult conundrum of all.  What is the answer to “#M Too” adherents’ claim that we want equality, but we do not want to be treated equally?

That is exactly what is being said with the objections to Ford being questioned by the male members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  They want a female prosecutor brought in to do the examination or questioning.

Does that mean that Senator Feinstein and her female colleagues on the Democrat side of the committee will not be allowed to question Kavanaugh? 

In a news program Sunday,  Judicial Committee member Senator Lindsey Graham said Ford had put ten conditions on her appearing before the committee and that the committee had accepted or agreed to six of them.  If that list of conditions has been made public, I have not been able to find it.

As could be expected, the Democrat response to these conditions is, according to Senator Richard Blumenthal in a phone interview Saturday, “If this process to secure her testimony falls apart, the fault is totally and clearly on the Republican leadership.” 

Three conditions made and accepted are that there will be no time limit on Ford’s opening statement, that her questioning will not be by a prosecutorial attorney, but by the committee members, and that Ford and Kavanaugh will not appear in the hearing together.

It is obvious to some that the reversal on who may question Ford is at the urging of “#Me Too” so they can harangue about how white men mistreat females who claim to have been sexually mistreated.

Finally, the hearing had to be delayed to Thursday because this woman who finally went public about her mistreatment by Kavaunaugh is claustrophobic and cannot fly.  She will have to drive from California to Washington , D.C. to testify.

If she is claustrophobic, how and why did she go into that closed room with Kavanaugh over 30 years ago?

So here’s the perspective.

Several days ago, I predicted as Ford’s accusation began to lose  traction, another woman would come forth claiming that Ford’s bravery in coming forth with her story inspired her to reveal her own secret of long ago.  

This is exactly what happened, but just a bit sooner than anticipated. Now Debra Ramirez “recalls” that Kavanaugh exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party and acted sexually aggressive toward her in the 1983-84 academic year, which was his first at Yale University. 

This has already been debunked by The New York Times.  But wait, this is just the front of the line of females that “#Me Too” will persuade to “remember” the sexual encounters they had with Kavanaugh.

This should sound familiar.  It is a replay of the “public lynching” unleashed on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by Senate Democrats 28 years ago.

Do they have no shame?



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