Silver Alerts and Pinocchios

Bill Neinast

Silver alerts are issued to help locate missing senior citizens. Isn’t it time to issue one for Nancy Pelosi?

The former Speaker of the House of Representatives seems to have dropped out of sight since the news media began reading the law that she said had to be passed before it could be read.

Even the fawning Washington Post is giving Pelosi’s leader, President Obama, four Pinocchios, its highest number of long noses, for his claims about the wonderful effects of Obamacare.  His frequently repeated claim that anyone who liked their medical insurance would be able to keep it--Period has been rehashed on the news ad nauseam.

Now with every issue of the news heralding the cancellation of hundreds of thousands of the policies that the President promised were sacrosanct, all but one class warrior are missing in action.

Only the one who lends his name to the latest suppression of personal freedom remains on the field of battle.  Typically, however, President Obama acts like the news about his sputtering legacy legislation never reaches the White House.

At numerous rallies he organizes across the nation, he routinely stands in front of his carefully selected supporters and stares intently into TelePrompTers rolling his scripts.  The rationale he is reading off those TelePrompTers is that those losing medical insurance should blame the greedy companies. They also should be happy because now they can get better (in his opinion) coverage.  Or so he says.  

The news that the new, better, and cheaper insurance available to those receiving cancellation letters may not cover care from the insured’s favorite doctor must not have reached the White House either.  If it has, the fact that the President promised everyone that they would be able to keep their family doctors seems to bother him just like his lack of concern over his lies about everyone keeping their coverage.

That lack of concern may have a reason. My son, Mark, says, “Just look at the insureds who are having policies cancelled.”

Americans getting those cancellation notices are small business owners or self- employed individuals who were buying their own insurance.  In other words, they are makers among the 53% of the population paying income tax. 

As they are tax payers, who some think are still not paying their fair share, they probably vote Republican and want to throw Obamacare overboard.  So, why should the President and his class warrior supporters worry about them?

Among those cheering the President are those who are swelling the Medicaid rolls opened for them by Obamacare. Just another government freebie for takers to be paid for by makers who will pay higher medical insurance premiums for mandatory coverages that they do not need or want.

Those new policies with mandated coverages without regard to whether they are needed or wanted by the consumers are also coming with sticker shock. The lower prices, which are another Obama promise, are just part of the package.  When the higher deductibles, co-pays, and caps are considered, some insureds will be required to buy “cheap” insurance
that balloons what they have to pay for each doctor or hospital visit.

Then there is the President’s promise that everyone can keep his or her doctor under Obamacare.  That will not be true in all cases, maybe not true in a lot of cases.

This new cheap insurance that an individual will be required to buy may not have his or her family doctor in its list of approved providers.  To continue to be treated by their old doctors, they may have to buy policies with much higher premiums than they paid previously.

There is nothing to worry about in the White House, however.  The number of customers trying to log on to, the non functioning Obamacare Health Insurance Marketplace, lead President Obama, his Press Secretary Jay Carney, and his Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Rebellious to believe that the program will be an outstanding success.  Or so they say.

They are mysteriously quiet, however, about how many have actually bought insurance from the market place.  After some scoundrel in the administration leaked information that only six policies were bought during that big rush of interest on opening day, there has been massive back pedaling by Carney and Sebellius.

Madame Secretary testified before Congress last Wednesday that, “We do not have any reliable data around enrollment, which is why we haven't given it to date…. We are focused on providing reliable and accurate information and we do not have that at this time.”

So here’s the perspective.

The Obama/Pelosi medical care bill became law.  Now it can be, and is being read.  There is growing evidence that the only ones who have read it and think it is a great program are the takers who will now qualify for another freebie.  In this case, free (for them) medical care under Medicaid.

Among those praising the “fairness” of Obamacare is an Eastern Liberal law student who worked through the maze of the marketplace and found that he is eligible for Medicaid, at least until he graduates law school and becomes a maker.

Who is going to pay for all the new Medicaid enrollees and the subsidies for insurance companies who must now accept clients with long-term, expensive health conditions?

You can make a safe bet that there are three well known millionaires who will not offer to be fair and to donate all of their earnings beyond reasonable living expenses for aiding the poor uninsured.  They are Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Jo Biden.


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