Bill Neinast

Hard may not be the right word, but it is the only one that comes to mind.  So here goes.  Donald Trump is hard to like.  His constant bluster and name calling detracts from everything else he does.

When those other things are considered, though, you have to take your hat off to him.  He is doing or trying to do everything he said he would do while on the campaign trail.

His model may be General George Patton.  The general was also hard to like because of his constant bluster and over the top discipline like slapping a shell shocked soldier, which he considered malingering.  Nonetheless, you have to admire his tactics and victories on the battlefield.

Just as hard, or maybe even harder, to understand is the socialist-democrats who do not just dislike our President, they disdain him.  There is nothing he can say or do that will receive even a genie nod of approval.

The latest, and one of the most ridiculous, criticisms from this camp is that our President shook hands with a dictator.

This refers to Trump meeting Kim Jong-Un at the demarcation line between South and North Korea, shaking hands with him, and stepping across the line for a meeting.  

The critics of this meeting seem to forget that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sailed across the dangerous Atlantic Ocean to meet with Joseph Stalin, the dictator of the Soviet Union, who may have killed more Jews and others than Adolph Hitler.

Also, Richard Nixon sent an envoy to meet with the rulers of Communist China and, thus, to re-establish diplomatic relations with that repressive regime.

Simply put, how can one country have diplomatic relations with another without communication among the leaders, even if one is a dictator or undesirable?

Nothing may come of this meeting between the two world leaders.  But friendly discussions are much better than insults and threats of war.

Just as hard for the socialist-democrats is any thought of our President making a good speech.  It was inevitable, therefore, that before our President uttered a single word on Independence Day, his speech was derided as another political rally at government expense.

When the Presidential address turned out to be a tribute to our military, the complainers and whiners once again ended up with egg on their faces.    It would be a breach of party discipline, however, for the juvenile politicians to say, “Good job Mr. President.”

Instead, they tried to pull  the rug back under their feet and complained that the speech and exhibition of military power cost too much.

The hardest of all to believe or understand, however, is the socialist-democrats’ increasingly belligerent criticism of the treatment of the illegal immigrants entering the country.

No thought is ever given to the simple fact that those immigrants willingly and intentionally put themselves into the “cage.”  No American forced that man to carry his daughter to death by drowning with him.  No American forced or enticed families to rent their children to others to cross our border as families seeking asylum.

There are some Americans responsible for the “suffering” being endured by some illegal immigrants.  They are the socialist-democrat men and women in the U.S. Congress who first declared there was no crisis on the border, but who now recognize there is a crisis but take no responsibility for their unwillingness to adequately fund the tremendous burden placed on the INS.

The absolute hardest to believe, however, is Representative Alexandria Occasio Cortez’s repeated claim that female illegal aliens being held in “cages” were forced to drink out of toilets.  How convenient for her to overlook or just ignore that some of the fixtures in some of the retention facilities are a combination toilet and sink with each having its own water supply. 

So here’s the perspective.

Political discussions and observations are harder today than normal.  There is a lot of good news out there, but the liberal medial and the socialist-democrats keep it hidden or totally distorted.

The United States today is the economic powerhouse of the world.  Although the socialist-democrats claim that only the greedy rich are benefitting from the boom, there is a job available for anyone who wants one and the take home pay of lower and middle class workers is rising at the fastest pace in recent times.

Why is it so hard for some politicians and others to accept the facts? 



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