Star Chamber

Bill Neinast

In the days of yesteryear they were called Star Chambers.  

According to Wikipedia, “The Star Chamber was an English court which sat at the royal Palace of Westminster, from the late 15th century to the mid-17th century, and was composed of Privy Counsellors and common-law judges, to supplement the judicial activities of the common-law and equity courts in civil and criminal matters. The Star Chamber was originally established to ensure the fair enforcement of laws against socially and politically prominent people so powerful that ordinary courts would probably hesitate to convict them of their crimes. However, it became synonymous with social and political oppression through the arbitrary use and abuse of the power it wielded.” (Underlining added)

Today, they are called U.S. House of Representatives Committees.  Of those, the one currently creating the most stink is the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  

Under the leadership of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and committee chairman Adam Schiff, this Committee is conducting Star Chamber proceedings.  The meetings are held in secret behind closed doors.  There is no public acknowledgement of a specific law or laws that may have been broken.  The identity and status of the person or persons claiming that a law has been broken is not identified.  The individual or individuals being accused are not allowed to be present or to present their own evidence.

That sure reads like Star Chamber proceedings to some.

All of this is done under a banner of impeaching our President.  Even if the Star Chamber proceedings results in articles of impeachment approved by a majority of the Representatives, our President will not be removed from office without an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the Senators.  

Getting 19 Republican Senators to vote Yeah with their  48 Socialist/Democrat colleagues to remove our President from office is more impossible than making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Pelosi and Schiff are fully aware of their inability to remove our President by impeachment.  Nonetheless, they keep shouting through every available news outlet that, “We’re impeaching!  We’re impeaching.”

In some delusional way of thinking, they believe this will destroy our President’s chances of being re-elected next year. What are they reading?  What are they drinking?  

Every poll to date indicate that the never ending impeach rhetoric is hardening Donald Trump’s support among his bed rock supporters.

In addition, there are indications that the constant talk about impeachment without any explanation of what law or laws were broken is beginning to wear thin on many independents.

When everything is considered objectively, the Star Chamber proceedings, constant talk about impeachment, and refusal to put the whole issue to a vote by House of Representatives seems to indicate a double threat to the Socialist/Democrats.

First, there is a strengthening of Republican support for our President.  And, second, there seems to be more independents leaning toward the Republican ticket.

So here’s the perspective.

This observer believes the chances for our President to be elected next year are rapidly increasing by the day.

If he is re-elected, how many heart attacks will there be among the Socialist/Democrats?   



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