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I met Stephany at The Frame Gallery on a First Friday in Bryan, Texas.  She had a display of her works set up on a table.  As soon as I saw her charcoal works, I knew I had found a winner.


“Growing up in Columbus, Texas, I have always strived to incorporate my passion for art into my life.  I participated in the annual livestock and western art show for many years. In 2009 I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in criminal justice.
“My style of charcoal drawing has not been influenced by standardized art instructors, as I am a self-taught artist.  My interest in waterfowl art comes from my enthusiasm for
duck and goose hunting.

“In 2005 I became a Ducks Unlimited member, and I am currently a part of the Brazos Valley Ducks Unlimited Committee. I support Ducks Unlimited in order to ensure future generations will also experience every aspect of waterfowling for years to come.”


Stephany’s Exhibitions:

Clear Lake Ducks Unlimited banquet, Clear Lake, Texas, September 26

Navasota Ducks Unlimited banquet, Navasota, Texas,  October 1

Texas Rice Festival, Winnie, Texas, October 5

Bayou Fest, LaMarque, Texas, October 19

Hunters BBQ Expo, Bandera, Texas, November 1

Tyler Texas Ducks Unlimited banquet, Tyler, Texas, November 16

Wings over Prairie, Stuttgart. Arkansas, November 29-30

Stephany’s Update:

Stephany was recently recognized as the “Texas Artist of the Year” by Ducks Unlimited.