Stupid Response to Orlando

Bill Neinast

The search has been long and hard.  The object or goal was to find an accurate description of President Obama’s and leading democrats’ reaction to the Islamic terrorist massacre in Orlando, Florida. 

While considering a number of alternatives and leafing through several dictionaries, one word kept appearing.  After much consideration, it seems the word “stupid” is by far the best description of the administration’s response to to the horror in Florida.

Stupid has many meanings.  Among them are, unintelligent, ignorant, dense, foolish, dull-witted, slow, simpleminded, vacuous, vapid, idiotic, imbecilic, imbecile, obtuse, doltish, informal, thick, dim, dimwitted, dumb, dopey, dozy, moronic, cretinous, pea-brained, halfwitted, soft in the head, brain-dead, boneheaded, thickheaded, wooden-headed, muttonheaded, and daft.

Each of those synonyms applies to the spectacle of the Democrat members of the House of Representatives staging a sit-in in the House chambers to try to force a vote on one more regulation on firearms purchases.

Where have these guys and gals been burying their heads. Every weapon used in Columbine, Aurora, New Town, Fort Hood, Boston, San Bernadino, the Amish school massacre, and Orlando were purchased legally.  In Columbine and New Town, children stole the legally purchased guns from their parents.  In San Bernadino, at least some of the weapons were purchased by a legal purchaser and then given or sold to the Islamic terrorists. (Yes, the purchaser was properly licensed to buy the weapons, but he lied on the application by certifying that he was buying the weapons for his own use.  That is a separate offense, for which he may be tried.) 

More restrictions on selling weapons will not prevent a single killing.  There are already too many pistols and rifles floating around in the country.  Someone intent on creating mayhem can get all the weapons he needs by hook or by crook.

Three of the massacres mentioned above were not Islamic terrorist attacks.  All, however, were the end result of some type of mental abnormality--interpreting any religious doctrine as a prescription for murder and suicide has to be considered a mental abnormality.

Making it more difficult for individuals with such an abnormality to buy firearms will not make even a small dent in the problem.  Those intent on mayhem will acquire the weapons of their choice, whether firearms, bomb materials, air craft, knives, machetes, etc., legally or illegally.

Reducing the number of those who believe they will enter Allah’s paradise would reduce the number of incidents like Fort Hood, San Bernardino, and Orlando more than any tinkering with the gun control laws.

Moving in that direction is unlikely for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, stupidity prevails in Washington on this point.

If there is to be any hope of reducing the number of Islamist Jihadists or terrorists, there has to be a public recognition that the county is involved in a world wide war with Islamic radicals.  The stupidity of not recognizing this fact prevails in the current White House and Democrat caucus in Congress leaves no alternative to the fantasy of ameliorating the problem with just one more restriction on buying firearms.

So here’s the perspective.

Curing stupidity is difficult, if possible at all.

The enemies of Islamic terrorists will have to annihilate every one of them with bombs and bullets and they will have to enlist peace loving Muslims to uproot the misguided radicals in their midst.  

We should be the leaders of those enemies of radicals Islamists enemies.

As the words “Islamist terrorists” will never pass the lips of President Obama, and his minions will not step up to that leadership role for at least the next six months.  So the U.S. is left to arguing gun control for the next six months.  

Would the situation be any better under a President Clinton?  In view of the stupid sit-in in Congress, the answer is probably NO!

What a shame.


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