Sue Ann and Marc met when Sue Ann was a senior and Marc was a junior at Somerville High School.  Marc tries to paint Sue Ann as the “older woman,” (as if 19 days really count!). Sue Ann graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a degree in elementary education.  Marc and Sue Ann were married on August 8, 1970.  They lived in married student housing at A&M, while Marc finished his degree and she taught at Sul Ross Elementary in Bryan ISD.

They lived in Austin, Houston, The Netherlands, Slidell, Louisiana, and Houston again, before moving back to College Station in 2005.  They have three children: Jim is an Aggie ‘98, naval aviator, active duty reserves, graduate of the Naval War College ’11, director of engineering for L&W, and husband of Brittanie Gulzow Lockard, PHD candidate at A&M (‘13).  They are the parents of 6 month old Mason.  Melissa is an Aggie ‘00, attorney, currently professor of construction law at A&M, and mother of Connor, 6, Carolina, 4, and Court, 2 months, and is married to Ralph Daigneault, who is in-house counsel for  L &W. Lauren is married to Sean Collins who she met as an undergraduate at Wake Forest University ’05.   She got her masters (and Aggie ring) after graduating from the Bush School of Public Affairs at Texas A&M ’07. She works as a project manager for L&W, is a baker of great cookies and an inspired creator of many artistic endeavors, currently living in Wilmington, Delaware.

Sue Ann taught elementary school for eighteen years, but was primarily a stay at home mom when her kids were younger.  She worked directly at Lockard and White for about five years primarily in events planning and HR in the late 90’s, and has been involved in the background since the beginning of the company.  She is currently the Chairman of L&W and editor of the company newsletter.  She also serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council for the College of Education at A&M, is a member of Republican Women and Christ United Methodist Church.  She loves to read, garden, sew, paint, and craft, and she particularly enjoys mowing her yard on her fabulous zero turn mower.  Connor, Carolina, Mason, and Court truly do “light up her life,” and she and Marc both love every minute they spend with them.




1    Thomas Hatfield’s Rudder from Leader to Legend

2    With a Jeweler’s Eye

3    Trust Me

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