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I’ve never met Terry personally, but I did meet his brother Gerry who told me about him.  I looked Terry up on the internet, and I realized that he was my kind of artist: he ain’t afraid.  If Terry is as nice as his brother, he’s a good fellow.

Terry Hart earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in painting, teaching, and studio art at Sam Houston State University.  He has taught at Sam Houston, Blinn, and Lone Star Colleges.  The Bryan artist is currently involved in several diverse art projects including teaching, painting, drawing, producing sound sculptures and sculpture and performing with a gospel band.
"As an artist, I have branched out into the production of 4-dimensional paintings and sculpture, and recently have obsessed on multi-media presentation formats incorporating musical compositions recorded and produced by the computer. I have been very interested in the 2-D representation of a 4th dimension in my latest works."
"I believe that good art is art that makes one think.  I do sincerely hope that my art forms are enjoyed by everyone but realize that this may be a frivolous wish because art has meaning only to those who experience it.  Art is its own kind of language and communicates to viewers a message that is sensed intuitively. What I feel about art is that it is an ineffable dialogue between the viewer and the work of art being viewed."

 2003 First Place, Lone Star Art Guild Juried Show, Bryan, TX
1994 Excellence in the Arts Award, Tacoma Arts Commission, 
Tacoma, Washinghton
1989 Best of Show, Kuntz-Nelson Painting Exhibition, Huntsville, Texas
1985 3rd Place Abstract Art, American Heart Association, Bryan, Texas
1984 Honorable Mention, Brazos Valley Nature Show, Bryan, Texas

Terry’s Update:

Terry is not only an artist; he’s also a musician.  “Fourteen Scales Scratch” is one of his latest compositions.

   enough   http://www.terryhart.mysite.com/http://www.artmajeur.com/?go=artworks/display_mini_gallery&login=terryhart&mini_gallery_id=7063mailto:tsh13.1@netzero.comshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2