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The Battered Wives Club

Liberals today are the battered spouses of American politics.

Like so many people do, they chose the wrong man with whom to live, but they still love him in spite of his abuses.

I’m not speaking of the uninformed spouse or the spouse who’s just along for the ride.   I’m speaking of the informed, intelligent, true believer in liberal politics.

They fell in love with our President, and regardless of how he acts or how he treats them, they remain in love.

This in-love citizen can’t take the President anywhere without being embarrassed by him.  Their vacations in Europe and other areas of the world were peppered with his apologies for his homeland (the Apology Tour).  When his friends screw up (Henry Louis Gates), he makes excuses for them and attacks the offended.  He weighs in on subjects which should be out of a President’s purview (Zimmerman trial).  These are merely temporary embarrassments to the in-love liberal voter.  It gets worse.

The battered spouse should have suspected she was getting herself into trouble when she got into bed with a fellow whose job was “community organizer.”  Community organizer?  Sounds like a made up position to me.

She could have judged him by his choice of friends, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, and Reverend Wright, that he might not be of the highest character, but she chose to ignore these warnings.  Love, you know.

I did an interview with this in-love liberal, this battered wife:


Thank you for allowing me to have this interview with you.

“You’re welcome, John.  I’ll do anything to help my President.”

What about running guns into Mexico?

“Well, he had good intentions; he just wanted to have a reason to tighten gun control laws.”

One border agent lost his life to one of these guns.

“Well, that was an unintended consequence.  After all, you know the liberal mantra, the ends justifies the means.”

What about the President’s general attitude toward our Southern border?

“Wouldn’t you be for amnesty if you thought they would all vote for you?”

Surely you have no excuses for him when it comes to Benghazi.  Again, lives were lost.

“What could he have done, and what does it matter now?”

Well, it matters to the families of those lost.  Do you mean to tell me that the President who is charge of the most powerful military force in the world could do absolutely nothing?

“Well, it was election time.  It was inconvenient timing.  You can’t blame him for that.  The most important thing to all of us was his re-election.”

What about that lame story he told about the attack being caused by a reaction to a film?

“You know, the ends justify the means.”

You realize that you’re going broke because of his giving your money away, the auto labor unions, Solyndra.  Heck he even gave away free phones.

“He loves the working man, fantasy industries are a hobby of his, and you can’t criticize him for being generous.”

But you keep going deeper in debt each day.  It’s almost 17 trillion dollars now.

“Small potatoes.  He’ll just take a little more of your money, and all will be fine.  The way he thinks is genius.”

What if I don’t want to give him “a little more” of my money?

“John, you’re not listening.  I said ‘take,’ not ‘give,’ silly boy.”


Okay, what about his spying on every American who has a phone or internet connection? 

“It’s for their own good.”

But you didn’t ask them if it was okay with them.

“Why ask?  He’s the President.  Remember, elections have consequences.”

Oh.  Okay.  What about the times he seems to go beyond his Constitutional powers?   What about his decision to suspend the employer mandate of Obamacare for a year?  You know that according to the Constitution, it’s the President’s job to enforce laws, not change them?

“John, John, John….  You must not realize that he was a professor of Constitutional law?  Besides, that Constitution thingy was created by a bunch of old dead guys.”

Dead guys?

“Yeap.  Dead, dead, dead.”

What about his punishing the Tea Party groups using the IRS?

“Not punishing.  Guiding them to a more fruitful path.”

There seems to be a lot of people being audited by the IRS who don’t agree with his policies. 

“Guidance.  He’s a wise, wise man.”

What about accusing that FOX journalist of being a threat to National security?

“Well, did he agree with the President’s policies?”

I think not.

“Well, there’s the threat.”

The President clearly lied about the true nature of Obamacare.  He had to bribe several Congressmen to get it passed into law originally.

“John, don’t you realize that he’s the wisest man who ever lived.  He must do whatever it takes to get the citizenry to see things his way.”

Well, that concludes our interview.  I’ve got enough.  By the way that’s a pretty bad black eye.   How’d that happen?

“I fell down the stairs.”

Your home doesn’t have a second floor.

“That’s the President’s wisdom.  He’s just trying to protect me.  I’m so grateful.  Aren’t you?”

Leaving the interview, I began to form a disturbing thought: even love can be evil.