The Blue Wave

Bill Neinast

This is how it feels when a hurricane that is barreling down the coast on which you live recedes into a tropical storm and returns to sea.  That is what happened when the multi million dollar Blue Wave that was going to turn Texas blue became just a ripple.

Democrat operators poured over 40 million dollars into Texas to replace Republican office holders with socialists.  That proved to be a waste of money.

Senator Cornyn was re-elected, the legislature remains in Republican hands, five blue or purple counties in South Texas turned red, and only two red counties turned blue.

The Cornyn re-election and Republicans remaining in control of the legislature are very significant.

Because of population growth, the state will gain two or three seats in the Federal House of Representatives next year.  The Texas legislature will have the task of reconfiguring the state to include those districts.  With Republicans in charge of that redistricting, there is no doubt that the state will end with substantially more red districts than blue.

That looming possibility should be of some concern to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  This comes on top of rumors that some moderate Democrat Representatives are already starting a movement to not elect her as Speaker for the next session of Congress.

As of this writing, the makeup of the United States Senate is still unknown.  The divide between Republicans and Democrats may not be known until January.  In any event, returning John Cornyn to his Senate seat  will play an important role in keeping President Harris in check.

This was not a typing error.  There are indications  that Kamala Harris will be President of the United States before the end of 2024.  After all the frivolous law suits are dismissed, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as President on January 20, 2021.  In a few months, age related physical and/or mental disabilities will result in his removal from office under the 25th Amendment of the Constitution.

Then the most liberal, progressive member of the Senate will become President Kamala Harris.   Much to the disappointment of Hillary Clinton, she will become the first female President.

Adding to that historic moment is that she is a Black woman.  How could that ever happen in what is believed by some to be the most racist, anti feminist country in the world?

If this scenario plays out as written, there will be many sleepless nights for those who love the current capitalist democracy that is the most economically powerful country in the world.  Will the Senate still be under Republican control?  Will the moderate Democrats in the House of Representatives combine with the Republican minority, now increased by five who broke the Blue Wave, to hold Harris, Pelosi (if she is re-elected Speaker of the House), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in check?

Unfortunately for those who are content with the country as it was before the Covid pandemic, the dismantling of the great economy will begin on January 20, 2021.  Biden has already indicated that rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iranian Nuclear Agreement will be among the first things he will do in the White House.

He also wants the country to be free of carbon fueled vehicles no later than 2050.  With his skipping all over the map on the subject, who knows what he will do about fracking.  Will there be a ban on fracking on federally owned land only, or will it be nation wide?  Either way will have a devastating effect on the Texas economy.

So here’s the perspective.

The ripple effect of the Blue Wave did more good than bad for Texas.  Its long term effect will be three more conservative Texas Representatives in Washington.

Turning five blue counties red was an eye opener for both Democrats and Republicans.  The counties were primarily in South Texas, presumably with heavy Hispanic populations.  That could be a hint to both political parties that the Hispanic community cannot be considered to “be in the bag” for Democrats.

That, in turn, raises the question of whether the Black community is as firmly in the Democrat party as currently believed.

Those assumptions indicate the Republican Party should redouble its recruitment of Hispanics and Blacks.  That will make the state even stronger against future Blue Waves.

Let’s try it.



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