The Cat Fight

Bill Neinast

Dog fights and cock fights are illegal.  So it was a surprise to see a two hour cat fight on national TV last week.

Maybe the show slipped by the censors because of mis-labeling.  On the schedule, the show was titled Democrat Presidential Candidates Debate.  Only six of the multitude of socialist-democrats still in the race were allowed in the ring; Oops!, that should be stage.

There was not, however, any purring or mewing with rubbing on your legs with begs of “Look at me.  Love me.  Take me home.  I will keep your house free of rats and mice.”

Instead there were five with the hair on their backs sticking straight up and low growls in their throats.   All of them seem to have their glare fixed on the sixth one in the arena.  This tom cat appeared to be completely surprised  by the anger coming his way and looked like a frightened deer staring at the headlights of a car rushing toward him. 

The five aggressors appeared to have had their claws attended to before the match and those weapons were exceptionally sharp.  Three of those also appeared to have had some teeth sharpening.

The fight was not fair, even from the opening bell.  There were five ganging up on one.  He did not know what hit him throughout the fight.

The unanimous vote among the commentators watching the debate/fight was that Mike Bloomberg was the big time loser.    A substantial number of those commentators also thought that Donald Trump, who was not even on the stage, was the winner.

Everyone was surprised at how surprised and ill prepared Bloomberg appeared throughout the two hours.  The image portrayed during that pile on was different from the one appearing in the flood of TV ads appearing daily.  His surprise and lack of preparation raise serious questions about his qualifications to be president of the most powerful nation on earth.

The Wednesday night spectacle was just a preview of things to come.  Bernie Sanders’ win of the Nevada caucuses Saturday with a resounding 40% of the votes was of much more concern.

What is happening, America?  Does no one know what socialism or, as some knowledgeable people call it, communism-lite, means?  How are the differences in personal freedom under capitalism and socialism being ignored or misunderstood.

In this country today, anyone who is mentally and psychically qualified and wants a job can find one.  He or she may have to leave Mommy and Daddy and move to another city or state to find the employment they are looking for.  But the jobs are there.  The unemployment rate, particularly among minorities, is the lowest it has been in many decades.

Sanders running the field so far should also be of concern to the Democrat National Committee.  If he wins enough delegates in the primaries to avoid a brokered convention in July, what will or can the DNC do?

I believe the DNC realizes that, notwithstanding our President’s bombast and one man rule,  any socialist would have too high a hill to climb to defeat him at the polls.

As Elisabeth Warren is on the steep socialism  slope also, only Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden, and Amy Klobuchar are among the current front runners if the DNC can finagle a brokered convention.  Bloomberg might also be on that list if his billions of dollars can pull him out of the hole he landed in Wednesday evening.

The real fun in all of this will begin when a socialist democrat candidate is finally chosen.  That unlucky person will then have to address the question of whether the voters are better off now than they were four years ago.  The Biden argument that our robust economy today is simply the end result of the recovery started by him and former President Obama will be laughed off the stage by anyone who knows a little about business and economics.

At this point, it appears that the only thing the socialist democrats have to offer to get votes is freebies.  Free medical care and free college education for all.

How these freebies will be paid for and who will pay for them will be left to another day.

So here’s the perspective.

Members of the Democrat National Committee must be having a lot of sleepless nights.  The dilemma that causes the sleepless nights is how to stop or sidetrack the Bernie Sanders’ train.

If they succeed, how long will the derailment last?

Only time will tell.   



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