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The Cool Kids’ Table

John W. Pinkerton


You know, I don't recall ever sitting at the cool kids' table in the cafeteria at school.  I never resented that because…I wasn't one of the cool kids.  I didn't belong there.  It seems to me that a lot of you folks are working way too hard to try to earn a spot at the cool kids' table.

I've noticed of late that a lot of folks are straining pretty hard to be cool---particularly in the world of politics.

My word of advice to these folks is to let it go.  If everyone is cool, no one is cool.

Madonna claimed she feels like blowing up the White House was a call for folks to “Look at me!  I'm still cool.”

Cory Booker, in a pathetic effort to advance himself as the cool black political leader, threw his friend Jeff Sessions under the bus in a congressional hearing.  Was it worth it?

John McCain, bless his heart, suggested that President Trump wants to be a dictator.  John, that doesn't make you any cooler than when you ran for President…and lost.

Michael Moore with his slovenly dress and slovenly approach to journalism is crying out to be cool.  Grunge is so passé, Michael.

Even Hillary is trying to get in on the new cool.  Her new slogan is “Resist.”  Yeah, she's a regular Che Guevara.

Poor old Cathy Gifford tried to be cool with her photo shoot featuring her holding a fake bloody head of President Trump.  Cathy…not cool.

Even at the non-celebrity level I'm noticing it.  I guess it wouldn't be cool if you're under forty and support Trump.  I'm okay with that.

Let's see what some folks  consider cool today.

Gentleman's Quarterly named Kaepernick citizen of the year.  Is that cool…or what?

Recently members of the Congressional Black Caucus announced that they would be filing multiple articles of impeachment against President Trump.  They didn't seem to want to share their reasons.  I guess this was their version of being cool.

The late night TV hosts are straining the limits of good sense and good taste in their often not very funny put downs of President Trump.  Your extraordinary efforts to be cool are showing, you ratings  geeks.

President Obama was the worst when it came to an effort to be cool. Standing next to a Hollywood celebrity earned him points, but dancing the Tango in his new friend's country, Cuba, was the coolest ever.

Frankly, I've never looked for cool in my political figures.  Don't expect to begin now.