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The God Hypothesis
Mick Stratton
Ironically scientists have excluded God from science and through science they may be on the verge of discovering God.

The God Hypothesis (GH): There exists a Universal Consciousness that is beyond time, throughout the universe, being neither energy nor matter but created both. This Universal Consciousness is omnipresent (everywhere), omnipotent (all powerful), and omniscient (all knowing). In other words, it is infinite.

How well does the GH stack up with other theories of the cosmos? Let’s take a look.

First, I should discuss some thoughts concerning scientists. Though scientists tend to be very bright and experts in their various fields, we need to remember that they are human. This means, like the rest of us, they have their biases and prejudices. Also, like the rest of us they do not like having their world views upset. This is important to know when we hear a scientist speak to what he believes about certain issues in science. One of the things that separates science from religion is that religion is based on faith but science never considers faith (at least it is not supposed to). That would be sacrilegious if it did (sorry about using a religious term). What is faith? It is believing something to be true even though there is little or no evidence to support it.

The God Hypothesis is very old having been around before there was science. In science a hypothesis is not considered unless experimentation can show evidence for it. So how does the God Hypothesis stand up to experimentation?

The first piece of evidence for the GH is that we know that “consciousness” exists because we, ourselves, are conscious beings. If we are conscious beings it is reasonable to believe there may be a greater consciousness, and it could have created us. So our very existence is “evidence” that supports the possibility of a Universal Consciousness as a creator. We have no idea what consciousness is or how universal it is, but we do know it exists as some sort of “essence”, material or not.

The GH states that the Universe was created by this Universal Consciousness. The first bit of evidence for this is that the Universe exists and if it had a beginning something had to create it. That creator would have to be powerful indeed. But then, was the Universe created?

In the 19th century and through part of the 20th century Cosmologists (a specialty in Physics that studies the Universe) came to the conclusion that the Universe was eternal and non-expanding. In other words, it always was. This took away the need for the GH and therefore there was no evidence supporting it, excepting our consciousness. Of course there was also no evidence that the Universe was eternal, in that all we really knew was that it exists. However, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Edwin Hubble and virtually all other Cosmologists believed that the Universe was eternal. This belief was based strictly on “faith” with little evidence to support it. 

In the early part of the 20th century Edwin Hubble, through telescopic observation of the Universe, discovered that it was expanding. This eventually led to the “Big Bang Theory” which states that indeed the universe had a beginning. Cosmologists still accept the “Big Bang Theory” (that it had a beginning) and also that it came from nothing. This goes against the law of science that states something cannot come from nothing, but they accept it anyway. 

What was really upsetting to many scientists was that this also meant that something had to cause the “Big Bang Theory”. Of course this is evidence for the GH because that hypothesis states that the Universe was created by the Universal Consciousness and the Universal Consciousness is eternal. They can’t really argue against this possibility considering the greatest scientific minds of the first part of the 20th century believed the Universe was eternal and now believe otherwise.

Deciding to ignore the evidence supporting GH, many Cosmologists decided the Big Bang just happened with no known cause. 

As they learned more about the Universe it became obvious that it is “finely tuned”, extremely finely tuned, as if it were designed by some super intelligence. If this design was to be modified by the most minuscule amount, one way or another, it would not be here as it is, and of course neither would we. The fact that it exists at all and seems to have been designed is more evidence supporting the GH. 

Instead of admitting that possibility, these scientists decided that it must have happened by chance (randomness). The probability of that being the case is greater than 1:10100. This probability is one in many trillions which is to say it is virtually impossible. However many scientists have “faith” that it just happened by randomness, with no evidence whatsoever.

In the first part of the 20th Century, physicists had developed “The Quantum Theory” which deals with particles from which atoms are made. As they studied quantum physics, they realized that quantum particles could be either energy (wave function) or matter. To their dismay, they realized that consciousness seemed to be a factor in how these particles behaved. 

“The Double Slit Experiment” shows that electrons (a type of quantum particle) act as matter when consciously measured (observed) but if not observed (measured) act as a wave function (energy). This is more evidence supporting the GH because it defines God as Universal Conscious and is everywhere, capable of observing and manipulating matter and energy at will.

Quantum physics has also discovered another phenomenon that is perplexing. Unfortunately, it seems to be in conflict with Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. This phenomenon is called “Quantum Entanglement” (QE). The QE phenomenon is that quantum particles can become entangled so that if one particle is acted upon, the other will also be modified regardless of the distance they are from each other; and even more disturbing, this happens at least 10,000 times faster than the speed of light, if not instantaneously. According to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, yet no physicist doubts that it seems to occur in this instance. If Universal Consciousness is throughout the Universe, this phenomenon is explained. Of course this is more evidence that supports the GH.

What have physicists done with this? Right now they are favoring a different theory called “String theory” of which they admit there is no supporting evidence and at this point is accepted through “faith”.  
Biology also has evidence that supports the GH. Biologists do not have any idea how life first began on earth. Their theory is that the first living organism “just” happened to come in existence from some natural agent acting on a primordial soup by a process called “Abiogenesis”. This is defined as ‘the natural process of life arising from non-living matter, such as simple organic compounds. There is virtually no evidence of this ever occurring and biologists admit that they don’t have any idea how this process would work except through evolution (mutation and natural selection). 

Considering what is known about mutations and the complexity of the simplest life forms this possibility is somewhere around 1:10390 () which again, is virtually impossible. 

Another problem they have is that these simplest life forms function through DNA and/or RNA, which seem to be sophisticated software programs. In other words it seems as if these organisms were designed. This, of course, fits well with the GH and is more evidence supporting it. 

Some biologists have come up with a theory called ‘Intelligent Design’. Most biologists refuse to accept this theory because it might be considered evidence (which it is) of a Universal Consciousness. So they cling to Abiogenesis out of pure “faith”. Especially when you consider the probability of this happening is 1:10390.

So where does that leave us? So far, as more and more information about how the Universe works, whether in biology or physics, becomes available it tends to support the GH. Still, it is not allowed to be considered as a theory by most scientists. 

Apparently to be a theory, GH has to be provable. However, scientists have no problem with the fact Abiogenesis, Unified Field Theory, and String Theory, as well as other accepted theories also cannot be proven at this time. I agree that GH cannot be provable at this time, but, as with the others, it may be in the future as we discover new information. 
Interestingly, some physicists postulate that The Unified Field includes consciousness as a factor. In fact, some propose it IS the Unified Field, though they do not say it is God.

“Black Holes” also cause a problem for Cosmologists. In trying to use Einstein’s equations to explain a “Black Hole” Cosmologists found what they call a ‘monster’ in the equation. The equation ends up equaling “infinity” (∞). This, they say, makes physics, at that point, break down because in the real world infinity cannot exist.  They then tried to mathematically combine quantum theory with the theory of general relativity to see if that could solve the problem. The results again equal infinity. This cannot be because infinity is impossible. But is it? The GH states God is infinite. Is it possible that these equations actually point to God and Cosmologists refuse to accept it? 

Here is an example of refusing to accept something which ended up being true: One of Einstein’s calculations originally showed that the Universe should be expanding or contracting. He refused to accept this possibility so he modified the calculation by including something called “The Cosmological Constant” (Λ, Lambda). After Hubble proved the Universe was expanding Einstein took it out of the equation and called it his biggest blunder. Maybe the Cosmologists’ calculations are right but they just refuse to accept it. Time will tell…

Since I want to look like a scientist I have developed a formula to represent the God Hypothesis. It is: G↔UC(Ƈ (E+M+C)+Ϛ(E+M+C)) where:
•	G= God
•	↔ = Equivalent to
•	UC=Universal Consciousness
•	Ƈ = creates
•	E = All energy
•	M = All Matter
•	C = Normal Consciousness
•	Ϛ = controls

In English this states God is equivalent to Universal Consciousness creating all Energy, all Matter and all normal Consciousness, controlling them at will. 

If quantum theory is correct, a super intelligent Universal Consciousness should be able to control the quantum particles and do all kinds of weird things like, I don’t know, turn water into wine, multiply a basket full of fish and bread to such high numbers as to feed 5,000 people, walk through walls or even, after the body dies, resurrect it. 

What I think would be neat would be if someone could find an ancient manuscript that states that God became a man and did all those things. Oh well, I’m sure there is no such manuscript…

Lastly, as can be seen from above, many scientists believe and reject particular theories based on “faith” and not science. Since these scientists believe through “faith” with little or no evidence, can it not be said that their belief is religious and not scientific? 

The ‘God Hypothesis’ really does answer a lot of scientific questions and it does much of this through quantum theory. I think that one of you ought to nominate me for the Nobel Prize in Science. If you do, and I win, I will buy you a beer at the Shipwreck Bar and Grill for one whole year.

I have added a musing to Seeker’s Musings named the “The God Hypothesis”. It is a serious attempt to show how God may be eventually proven through science. As many of you know I am a smart aleck (polite for something else). I tried to keep this completely serious, but I can’t help myself, so there is a certain amount of smart aleckiness in the discussion. I apologize if this offends any scientists. For those of you who read it, I hope you find it enjoyable and thought provoking. As usual, feel free to make comments. It is here: https://www.facebook.com/SeekersMusings1/posts/460852070773881