The Ostrich Administration

Bill Neinast

Why is this being ignored by the press?  The ostrich cages in every zoo in the country are empty.  All the big birds fled to Washington, D.C. where they are burying their heads around the White House.

All those heads in the sand provide a perfect background for the Biden Administration.  So why not call the current administration the Ostrich Administration?

Consider, for example, the Ostrich Administration’s lack of insight on the immigration problem.  First they say there is no problem because the borders are closed.  Then they say the problem, if there is any, can be solved by improving the economy and living conditions in three South American countries.

With their heads in the sand they cannot see that many of those crossing the Rio Grande are from countries on continents other than the American continents.

And what about visas?  Visas?  Who needs a visa? Just open the gates and let these poor people in. They are fleeing in fear to save their lives.

Just open the gates and let them in.  In a few years we will figure out how to get them registered as voters.  Certainly 99.9% of them will register as Democrats.  

What is wrong with that?  After all, these words of Emma Lazarus are emblazoned on our beautiful Statue of Liberty:

 “Give me your tired, your poor, 

Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free, 

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, 

Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden doors.” 

Lazarus just got carried away with poetic cadence.  She obviously meant open doors instead of golden doors.  So those doors have to stay open so long as they are on the southern border for all future Democrat voters.

For an unknown reason, however, that philosophy does not apply to other borders.  Visas are required for anyone whose voting proclivities cannot be determined.  So those thousands of Afghanis who assisted U.S. and allied forces trying to eliminate terrorists must have visas to be admitted to this country.

A temporary exception was made for some of those patriots fleeing from the Taliban.  They have been brought to an encampment in the U.S. to await the processing of their visa applications.  Others, however, had to go to other countries and wait for visas.

The only brain that can understand that “logic” is in the head of an ostrich.

As that ostrich head is in the sand in the White House garden, it cannot see all the help wanted signs flooding the country.  What they see in the dark is a crying need for more stimulus money to keep food on the tables of the millions of poor people looking for work.

Somehow they saw reports like the one several weeks ago that the unemployment rate had gone up 1% in Washington County.  With their heads in the sand, however, they cannot see me trying to repair water damage in my home due to an air conditioner malfunction.  The contractor I want to employ cannot take on my job because he cannot find needed employees.

They seem to be blind, also, to shortages of some items due to a big shortage of true drivers.  

How many of these shortages could be, or would be, filled if stimulus and unemployment checks were stopped in the next 60 days?

The Ostrich Administration’s heads are buried so deep in the sand they cannot even hear gunfire.  They seem to be unaware of the crime waves inundating the country.  There was one feeble recognition of the problem with Biden’s attempt to ban assault weapons.

Where is the understanding that the vast majority of robberies and murders are committed with hand guns?  Where is the understanding that not a single one of those weapons could have killed a human if it were not in the hands of another human?  Where is the understanding that many of the guns in the hands of murderers were not bought?  They were stolen.

Answers to these questions would not, of course, solve the crime rate.They would, however, provide a better framework for developing strategies to reduce the murder rate.

So here’s the perspective.

Six months should be more than enough time to calm the ostriches and get their heads out of the sand.  That obviously has not been enough time for the current crop in the nation’s capitol.

Looks like we might have to wait three years with this flock



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