The Path to the Workers’ Paradise

Bill Neinast

Eight areas of government control that measure a nation’s move toward Karl Marx’s “workers’ paradise”  were listed here last week.   Those areas are health care, poverty, debt, gun control, welfare, education, religion, and class warfare.

So where does the United States stand on each of these?

Start with debt, the easy one. In less than a month of the socialist/Democrats taking control of both the White House and the Congress, the 28 trillion dollar national debt is increased by two trillion.

The increase was through enactment of the new COVID-19 relief bill.  That means another $2,800.00 of your tax money that I do not need  will be added to my bank account .

There are millions of other Americans who do not need such a gift. None the less, they will see their bank balances nudge up.

That, however, is not the end.  Within two days of passage of the COVID Relief Bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that there needs to be another relief bill.

Currently, before the debt is increased by two trillion dollars, each adult American’s share of the national debt is $84,239.00.  

There is no way that debt can be eliminated with taxes, even if every American adult was a taxpayer.  So, if that bill is to be paid, the only way will be for the government to take ownership of all the capital assets in the country. 

That sounds like Marx’s socialism/communism.

Another socialism indicator is the government’s control of medical care.    Obama Care was a big step in that direction.  Although its forward movement has been slowed by court actions, it is still there.  

Now the call is for Medicare for all.  That would put the government in total control of who can get medical care, what kind of care they can get, and where it will be.  

Those already covered should study their periodic Medicare statements closely.  Look at what the medical facility charged and what the government “allowed.”  The facility is not allowed to collect anything more than what the government allowed.

Could that overall reduction in income for medical facilities result in a decline in the quality of medical care available?  What effect will it have on individuals considering a medical career?

That is a prime indicator of socialism in action.

Next is education.  There is ample evidence of the socialization of that activity by both the government and the general population.

The Department of Education was moved out of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and made a separate department under Democrat President Jimmy Carter on October 17, 1979.

Why?  What is the need for a federal department of education?   Is there a need to have the schools in Laredo, Texas, on the same footing as those in Washington, D.C., or New York City?

Will the Department of Education begin influencing or dictating the curricula of all public schools?  If it does, will a modern version of Marx’s “das Kapital” be one on the bed rock requirements?

Such an evolution or revolution has already occurred at the college level.  By simple attrition, faculties and admininistrations have been taken over by liberal socialists.

For proof, just look at the number of prominent conservatives who are denied permission to present programs on various campuses every year.

Even more disturbing, recall the hordes of young college students and graduates flocking to Socialist Bernie Sanders’ team.    Could they have been influenced by their liberal college professors?

The final area is class warfare.  Anyone who questions whether there is class warfare in this country, needs only to watch the evening news.  Currently, the most ample evidence of the warfare is in the Congressional proceeding and in suits before the U.S. Supreme Court.

So here’s the perspective.

The paragraphs above may read like the ramblings of a conspiracy nut. 

I plead not guilty.  This is just a recitation of some facts.  Read them, think about them, and draw your own conclusions.

Are we on a track to Marx’s “Workers’ Paradise”? Or are we holding steady on a path of individual freedom to rise to whatever height is desired? 



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