The Russians Are Coming

Bill Neinast

This is terrible.  No, it is worse than that.  This is horrible.  The Russians are coming; the Russians are coming.

That is the almost hilarious reaction of Democrats to the revelation that some Russians had hacked into the computers of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and released or leaked some of the emails uncovered.  There is no claim that the correspondence is fake.  The claim, instead, is that the hacking and leaking were attempts to interfere in the presidential election.

This is just another attempt to convince the public that Clinton’s untrustworthiness and poor performance as Secretary of State were not the reasons for her loss at the polls.

The leaked emails do not paint a pretty picture of the DNC.  They provide ample evidence that the Democrat national officials were attempting to maneuver the primary in favor of Clinton versus Bernie Sanders and tried to bolster Clinton’s debate performances by providing her with questions she would be asked.  The activity revealed in that material was so onerous that two DNC Chairs were “asked” to step down.

Never mentioned, however, is that, as reported in the Wall Street Journal on December 15, the “RNC officials became concerned that they would also be targeted by hackers after the DNC breach was made public. However, after contacting a security firm and the FBI, a closer inspection reportedly revealed that dangerous emails similar to those used to gain access to DNC accounts had been blocked by the organization's cyber defenses.”

This, then, raises a more interesting question.  If Russian officials were attempting to interfere in the American election, why would they attempt to defeat Clinton?

There is no question that Vladimir Putin’s  purpose in life is to restore Russia’s position as a dominant  power in the world.  There have been no greater boosters of his efforts in this regard than President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

A primary assumption is that a President Hillary Clinton would continue the practices and policies of the last eight years of American leadership, or lack thereof, that she helped develop and implement.  She is, after all, the one who publicly pressed the reset button with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Regardless of why the DNC was hacked or who did it, there is nothing to fear.  President Obama has promised to retaliate.

That must have the Russians shaking in their boots.  After all, Obama is the “Red Line” king.  Everyone knows well what happens when you step over one of his red lines.  He will just move back a few steps and draw another line.

All of this whining over Clinton’s failure to claim her promised crown as queen fails to address a more serious question.  Why has there not been a similar outcry and concern over the hacking into Clinton’s private server on which she stored official documents when she was Secretary of State?

The reaction to that serious breach of national security seems to be, in the famous words of Clinton,  "What difference–at this point, what difference does it make?”

All of this, of course, is part of the vain attempts to get the Electoral College electors to deny the Presidency to Donald Trump.  Those leading the charge in this regard keep pointing out that Clinton got three million more votes than Trump.

What is never discussed in that argument is how many votes for Clinton were cast not as votes for her but as votes against Trump, and vice versa.  I have stated repeatedly, for example, that my vote for Trump was cast for the sole reason as a vote against a liberal Clinton Supreme Court.

So here’s the perspective.

Wishes for a Happy New Year should include the hope that Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20 will put an end to this ridiculous search for reasons for Clinton’s defeat other than the ineptness of her campaign. 


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