The Washington Playground

Bill Neinast

The national debt of 31 trillion dollars is incomprehensible to many. Bundles of one hundred dollar bills in that amount would almost fill a railroad box car.

What those dollar bills are covering, however, may be more mind boggling than the amount.  An example is the play ground.

Part of those trillion dollar debts have gone to maintain and support our nation’s capitol, the largest and most expensive playground in the world.

There is no other way to describe what is going on in Washington, D.C.  On one side, we have the White House  providing cover for a grade school bully.  Even a smirk in his direction will result in a tirade of ear pulling, slapping around, and name calling.

On the other side are the halls of Congress.  There we find a bunch of little kids huddling to build road blocks in front of the White House bully.

As they throw up those road blocks, they are crying their eyes out and mumbling, “He shouldn’t even be here.  He cheated.  He talked to some Russians.”

They wonder through their tears why the bully could not have been like their benefactor.  Instead of talking with the Russians, he should have imitated their leader and engaged them in the pay to play game.  If he had only gotten the Russians and others to contribute millions of dollars to one of his foundations, there would be no problem.

Or, instead of asking the Russians if they had any dirt on his political opponent, he should have done what their party did.  Hire a foreign agent to prepare a dossier on him, including any evidence or information he could get from Russia.

Doing it that way is A-OK because the candidate was not colluding directly with the Russians to cook up stories about the bully cavorting in Moscow.  It is the agent who is collaborating, and he is not a candidate, so there is no problem.

When the juvenile cowering in the halls of Congress were finally convinced of the absurdity of that argument, they tearfully switched to another tactic.

Now they plan to ban the bully from their playground forever.  They will do this by impeaching him for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Notwithstanding legal advice from multiple sources that no crime was committed, the little men and women on the congressional side of the play ground, insist that paying women not to discuss their sexual liaisons with the bully before election day is an impeachable offense.

Those whiners have short memories.  They apparently have no recollection of one of their earlier teammates who defiled the Oval Office currently occupied by their bully and then perjured himself by announcing to the nation, “I did not have sex with that woman.”

All of this juvenile activity on the play ground leaves the rest of the nation in a sad state of affairs.

The only things getting media and congressional attention are climate change and the never ending Mueller investigation.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is going way beyond his original assignment of  investigating a possible collusion between Donald Trump and Russia that influenced the 2016 Presidential campaign.  That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from media reports on information purportedly leaked by the Mueller team.

According to those reports, the available evidence is that there was no collusion.  Nonetheless this expensive stable of lawyers goes on and on investigating every person who may have said, “Hi” to Donald Trump.

In my opinion, notwithstanding his reputation for integrity, Robert Mueller appears to be the hired blood hound of some  Democrats to find something—anything—that can be used to remove the bully from their playground.

So here’s the perspective.

There is enough dirt on both sides of the nation’s expensive playground to build two Trump walls along our southern border.  This is also a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

A lot of that dirt could be washed away if both the bully and the bullied would just keep their mouths and tweets shut.

But then, what would the press have to write about?




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