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They’ve Checked Out

John W. Pinkerton


The other day there was a report of ten people on a subway in Pennsylvania who recorded on their I-phones the attack and rape of one of their fellow passengers by an illegal alien felon: they didn't bother to call 911, but they did record it.

I watched folks on TV declare that they didn't understand how this could happen.

A friend of mine went to a pharmacy to get his annual pneumonia shot.  He told the young woman what he wanted.  She excused herself and returned and administered a vaccine to my friend.

She then told him she would bring him his paperwork.  He asked what paperwork.  She changed colors and confessed that she had just given him a coronavirus shot---not his pneumonia shot.  After consulting with the actual pharmacist, they decided to go ahead and give my friend his pneumonia  vaccine.

A while back a young lady rammed her car into the back of my car idly sitting in traffic.  The explanation was that she was looking at her phone.

When I visit any of my many doctors' waiting rooms, everyone is looking at their phones.

You folks are getting on my last nerve.

I love technology, but I've never seen the need for me to have an I-phone.  I know that may seem odd to you, but it's true.  I don't see the need.  Now, my wife, Linda, has one: she loves it and spends a lot of time checking out things on it and some times even speaks with someone now and then…she's a little primitive.

Here is my conclusion: America has checked out.  Folks are walking around in the real world, but they have no interest in it.  Their world is the digital world brought to them by their phones.

The ten folks on the subway weren't there when the woman was raped a few feet from them.  They were merely digital observers.  They might as well have been in their homes.  Calling 911 is part of the actual world, but they are no longer part of it.  They have checked out.

I'm sure if my friend would have informed the nurse at the pharmacy via I-phone, she would have administered the correct vaccine.  An actual human being speaking to her was difficult for her to wrap her head around.  She had already checked out.

The little girl who ran into the rear of my vehicle, well, you know, she had checked out of the real world.

I've been complaining for some time now that incompetence seems to be on the rise.  Even my wife, a kind and generous person, has noticed it. 

Now, I know folks are becoming more stupid, but it's hard for me to believe so many people got so stupid so quickly.  Nope, they've just checked out.

Folks seem to believe that they can live in two worlds at the same time.  Nope!