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Tim only lives about a block away from my home.  The gap between his talent and mine is a lot larger than the gap between residences.  Tim is a friend who is generous with his time and expertise.


“God provided me with the ability to reproduce what I see of this world in oil paints and pencils. That my avocation and vocation are the same is His grace provision.  Let the work begin!”


Principle One Man Expositions History:
2009 Art C’s Gallery – Mostly Cowboys – New Paintings – Somerville, Texas
2007 Art C’s Gallery – Round Up at the Diamond R – New Photography - Somerville, Texas
2006 Studio W - “Cowboys and Pretty Women” - Ruidoso, New Mexico
2003 Betz Gallery - “The Primary Set” - New Works in Oil - Houston, Texas
2001 Brazos Valley Arts Council - “Old Army” - New Works in Oil - College Station, Texas
1998 The Red Brick Gallery - “The Girls of Alvarado” - Bryan, Texas
1992 Archway Gallery - “Do They Have Mogan David in Heaven?” - Houston, Texas
1991 Paraphernalia Gallery - “An Eye Full” - Houston, Texas
1990 Memorial Student Center - “Old Army” - New Works on Paper - Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Tim’s Update:

The Artist of the American West want to let folks know they can now join the Artists of the American West Association. It is open to all artists or patrons of the Western Arts. Check out our blog on our Website http://artistsoftheamericanwest.com/blog for the application form. Our National Inaugural Invitational Show and Sale in Corsicana, TX on the 9th of March ticket information is also on the website.

Founded of “Artists of the American West.”  Tim is presently the director.

I’ve got a group show scheduled for March at Pearce Musem.

My website is new: www.twvanyafineart.com

I’ve got a one man show in February at the Round Top Gallery.

Presently working on illustrations for a children’s book.