Tread Lightly, Voters

Bill Neinast

Des Moines, Concord, and Columbia, you have a problem.  Your states will hold the first caucuses and primaries in the next presidential election cycle.

An early boost from you to any of the four candidates leading the polls in your states might propel him or her to winning the nominations.  Sending any one of those four to Washington could lead to four years that would make the eight years endured under Barack Obama look like Utopia.

The two front runners are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Neither is really interested in the United States.  Each is interested in only one thing--her or his own deification.

Clinton is so untrustworthy that some doubt that her name is really Hillary Rodham Clinton.  There is one area, however, in which she may be trustworthy.

She announced her typical Democrat fiscal plans for more spending of your dollars last week.  This includes billions of dollars for, among other things, subsidies for college tuition, infrastructure spending, and a subsidized child-care program.  Her proposals total over one trillion dollars.

How will she pay for this?  She does not say, other than to say she will not raise taxes-----on the middle class, that is.  

So who will pay for it?  Even an increase in the tax rate to 100% of the income of the top 5% of taxpayers would not cover the additional trillion.  So back to the Chinese for another loan to add to the deficit.

Everything considered, she ties with Trump for being the most dangerous to the welfare of the nation.  How anyone can look at and listen to Donald Trump and think he would be a great leader is one of the mysteries of our time.

His play to the fears and concerns of many Americans and his condemnation of anyone who dares to question him has led to some comparisons of him with the earlier fascists of Germany and Italy. 

These concerns are discussed in the article “Trump: Has he Descended into Fascism?” in the current issue of The Week magazine.

Has anyone heard him detail how any of his grandiose claims would be accomplished other than his, “It will be done!”  

How will 11 million immigrants be identified and deported?  Secret police maybe.   Last century the arrests and deportations to death camps were done by the Gestapo in Germany.  What would they be called here?

Would Trump’s Gestapo also register all Muslims as he proposes?

Wake up Des Moines, Concord, and Columbia.  Listen to this man.  Then look at him. Do you want that scowling, mean face to be the face of America?

Texas‘ own Ted Cruz is not quite as dangerous as Hillary and the Donald. He is, though, a danger in another way.

His rigid my way or the highway manner would make the country more dysfunctional than it is today.  

In many cases. both his way and the highway have some bumps.  Refusing to smooth those bumps with a little compromise under Cruz’s take no prisoner philosophy would put the country in a deep freeze.

The fourth of the front runners is Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist.  All that is needed to derail his campaign should be a quick study of the current problems of Greece and Italy resulting from their socialist policies.

He does come out on top in at least one comparison with his opponent Clinton.  He wins on trustworthiness.  He admits he is a socialist. 

So here’s the perspective.

Pre-election polls in previous presidential elections have been unreliable.  Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina will soon have a chance to test that history.

Pray that Des Moines, Concord, and Columbia are listening and looking.    


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