Trump Is an Idiot

Bill Neinast

Remember MAGA?  Make America Great Again was Donald Trump’s campaign slogan four years ago.  Baseball caps with MAGA logos flooded the landscape.

MAGA was in play for almost four years.  The unemployment rate was on a slippery slide, hitting a record low for minorities.  Members of NATO and the UN were required to start paying more appropriate shares of their membership.  NAFTA was replaced with treaties between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico that made trade rules between the three countries more equal and resulted in some industries returning to U.S. soil. 

The flood of foreigners seeking free medical care, free schools, and other freebies without paying any taxes other than the sales tax was reduced to a trickle.  Moving the U.S. embassy in Israesl to that nation’s capitol in Jerusalem that had been promised by many previous administrations was accomplished under MAGA.

New trade deals with China that resulted in the export of billions of dollars worth of American agricultural products were negotiated.  An effort was made to establish peaceful relations with North Korea and to stop that nation’s entrance into the world’s nuclear arsenal failed because of North Korea’s dictator fearing the loss of his power. 

A tax cut put money in every working person’s pocket.  Contrary to liberal claims, the tax cut did benefit the assembly line workers and the fast food clerks.  Their paychecks increased because less taxes were deducted, not because of pay raises.

This partial list of Trump Administration accomplishments did Make America Great Again.  His administration was well on its way to be recognized as one of the best in history.

Then it ran into Donald Trump’s worst enemy—himself.

The Trump riot, occupation, and trashing of the nation’s capitol Wednesday night wiped out any chance of the Trump administration being recognized for anything other than a failed dictatorship.

The scene in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, brought to mind the scene in Berlin, Germany, on  February 27, 1933, when the Rheichstag, Germany’s capitol building was burned. 

Hitler’s Brownshirts were the primary suspects in the arson.  In any event, Hitler was quick to use this crisis as an opportunity to set aside Germany’s Weimar Republic and suspend basic rights.

So was history repeating itself?  

There is no doubt about Trump’s involvement in the insurrection Wednesday night.  He planned and orchestrated the attempted coup.  He organized a mega rally just off the capitol grounds on the evening the Electoral College votes were to be certified by Congress.  

Then for an hour he harangued his “Brownshirts” about the election being stolen from him and the votes should be recounted.  He closed by suggesting that the mob move to the capitol

The goal of the insurrection was obvious.  Certification of the Electoral College vote had to be defeated at all costs.  If the College ballots were destroyed, who knows what would have happened.

Would the Electors have to meet and vote again?  Or would the task fall to the state legislatures to appoint new Electors? 

In either event, Trump would have been able to work “his charm” on the Electors or legislatures and get them to award him his “legitimate” victory.  

There may not be a way to prove it, but there are ample indications that Trump got explicit instructions to the mob leaders to occupy the capitol and destroy the Electoral College ballots.  He was heard loud and clear telling the mob to move to the capitol when he finished his speech.

This scenario proves that another epithet has to be added to Trump’s bio.  He is an idiot.  Look up the definition of idiot.  It describes someone who is dumb.  Look up  the definition of dumb and you find that it means someone without common sense.

That seems to fit Donald Trump perfectly.  His lack of common sense has led him to a point where he may wind up with an impeachment or conviction that will prohibit him from ever holding another elective office.

So here’s the perspective.

Donald Trump’s foolish, treasonable action last week forever tarnished an otherwise remarkable record  of national accomplishments.  History will now remember him as a failed despot.  

What a shame.



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