Trump and Media Are Both Guilty

Bill Neinast

He’s a chip off the block;  like father, like son;  an acorn does not fall far from the tree are common observations.  So here is some validity for the thoughts.

Except for the four words, “So here’s the perspective,” the following is from the pen of Bill, Jr.  I wonder what is behind this kind of thinking?   

President Trump should discontinue his inappropriate, harmful and divisive comments regarding mainstream media outlets.   Referencing media outlets and their reporters as enemies of the people is not helpful to civil discourse, and his comments are far from presidential.  

The actions of a handful of his supporters at a large rally in Florida a few weeks back provided video evidence of how his words can stoke aggressive and unsavory behavior among a few.   This is dangerous and he should recognize his responsibility to pull the discourse in this country back to more civil debate.

I suspect that a rather large majority of Americans agree with the above paragraphs.   If this is true, why has the mainstream media failed to generate strong opposition to Trump given his behavior?  

In spite of weeks of heavy coverage of the handful of Trump supporters behaving inappropriately towards CNN's Jim Acosta and other incidents, poll numbers continue to show support of Trump holding at near 50%.   

The answer can be found not by analyzing Trump and his inappropriate comments or trying to understand his most ardent supporters, but rather by considering the perspective of the common American man and woman.    

Given the hectic schedules and requirements to focus on their livelihood, these individuals may be ignorant of the detail and minutia that journalists take pride in knowing, but they are not stupid.   

They are well aware that these journalists have little understanding of their lives, values, motivations and priorities.   They are also well aware that these journalists view the common American as being intellectually and morally inferior to them.   

Further, they recognize the inherent bias that exists in mainstream media today.   Most will readily admit that Fox News is a biased news organization that leans to the right.   But they also recognize that what makes Fox News an exception is not that it is biased, but that it is not biased to the left.   

The mainstream media’s attempt to portray themselves as the objective reporters of the day's events failed years ago.   The lack of self-awareness and reflection of these news organizations is extraordinary.

Consider , for example, the following.


Who was the last Republican candidate for US President that the New York Times and The Washington Post endorsed?   

Actually that is a trick question.   Eisenhower was the last Republican endorsed by the New York Times.   The Washington Post has never endorsed a Republican candidate for President.   

Further, a study of college newspaper endorsements in the 2012 contest between President Obama and Mitt Romney determined that endorsements for Obama outweighed endorsements for Romney by a ten to one margin.   

Those are the newspapers published and run by students of journalism.   These are the individuals now filling the newsrooms of our mainstream media outlets.   

Over recent decades, journalists have helped drive resentment toward Big Oil, Bankers, Wall Street executives, lawyers, health insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, law enforcement, and many other groups of individuals involved in the building of our society, and yet they believe that they are more noble and above reproach than those who have chosen careers outside of journalism.

When the Tea Party movement caught steam around the country, the common American related to its message of smaller government, lower taxes, and an adherence to traditional Judaeo Christian work ethics and values.   If they were not personally a part of the movement, they had family, friends and neighbors who were.   

What they were treated to each evening on the nightly news, however, was an entirely skewed view of the movement.   Large peaceful rallies were held, but rather than simply cover them, the media would go in search of the exception.   They would not seek out the leaders and organizers of the rallies, but the individuals on the fringes.  The very few with the racially insensitive or inappropriate sign regarding President Obama cover the airwaves with that image.   

It did not matter how hard the search for these few was, once found, these exceptions confirmed for the media that their perception of the Tea Party movement was accurate.   

The perception the media held against this group was so strong that "objective" anchors began openly mocking the entire movement.   Anderson Cooper, probably the most notable CNN anchor during that time, crudely referred to Tea Party adherents as "Tea Baggers,” which is a crude and vulgar street slang for a specific sex act.   

President Obama was not shy about going after the one news outlet he felt was biased against him.   Although he did so in a much more presidential manner than Trump, he frequently disparaged Fox News and its viewers.   Interestingly he even used the term "phony" a number of times when describing their reporting on his scandals.   

I do not see much daylight between the definition of the "fake" and "phony."   The many media organizations leaning to the left, did not pounce on President Obama for his attacks on this singular news outlet, and they did not fill their nightly broadcasts with video footage of Fox News crews being violently attacked by extreme supporters of President Obama who took inappropriate encouragement from his comments.

So here’s the perspective.

The mainstream media is clearly frustrated that more Americans are not rushing to their defense against the crude and inappropriate attacks coming from President Trump.   What they are failing to recognize is that most Americans view the fight between Trump and the media as a fight between two bullies on the school playground.   

One of the bullies is new.   The other bully is the guy that has been stealing their lunch money for as long as they can remember.  



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