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Wallowing in Grief

John W. Pinkerton


I must confess that there are many things I do not understand.  I don't understand selfies; I don't understand rap music; I don't understand the Kardashians.

I've found it necessary to add one more thing to my list of things which baffle me: the reaction of the Hillary supporters to losing the election.

I've never seen a reaction like this one.  I commented to a liberal friend of mine some months before the election that the conservatives had been relatively quiet during Obama's time in office  in spite of the fact that they disagreed with almost all decisions taken by his administration.  My friend reacted with a derisive laugh indicating that he felt we had been pretty verbal with our objections.

Perhaps now seeing the reaction of the Hillary supporters to the election of Trump, he may want to withdraw his derisive laughter and replace it with a nod of agreement.

Television newspeople had melt downs on camera, young hoodlums rioted in the streets, many called for a change in the Constitution, they tried to get the electors to change their vote, they blamed the Russians, and almost all of the Democrats began to point fingers at everyone except themselves.

I, like most Americans, was quite surprised by the Trump election.  What I didn't anticipate was the help the Southern states received from some of the states in the Midwest.  I guess those folks are sexists, racists, misogynists, xenophobics, fascists also.

Since the election, I, as a Trump voter, have been accused of being all of these things plus uneducated and stupid.  Now, I've resisted calling liberals stupid…although at times that was my private thought…but damn it, I'm getting closer to unleashing the “s” word every day.  For the time being, I'll just use the word “foolish.”

I was fully prepared for Hillary to be President…disappointed but accepting…you know, the will of the people.

The reactions of the liberals is irrational.  The country has been electing Presidents since 1792.  (by the way, using the same Constitution we have today)  Every four years, the American people decide if they want to change leaders.  There have been Federalists, Whigs, Unionists, Republicans, and Democrats elected.

I could list all of the reasons I objected to President Obama's Presidency, but I'll spare you that and simply say that I was not amused.

Apparently many other folks were not amused and felt that it was time for a change.  They certainly didn't want to elect someone who promised more of the same.

I am not as certain as the Hillary folks seem to be that my candidate will do a wonderful job for the country.  I'm simply betting that he gives the nation a better chance to succeed than Hillary.  After all, every election is a crap shoot.

I realize at this point that asking liberals to be patient and give Trump a chance is a wasted plea.  Their irrational reaction will continue as long as he is President. 

Oh well, those of us who put the nation before our candidates will continue to be cautiously optimistic about the Trump administration.  If he does a lousy job, we'll vote for someone else next election.  As for you folks who are determined to be unhappy…well, I can't help you.  You'll just have to wallow in your grief from four to eight years.  Good luck with that.