Washington’s Farce

Bill Neinast


Give it a try.  Webster’s dictionary defines a farce as a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.

That is an antiquated definition.  Current wordsmiths claim that a farce is a U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee conducting an impeachment inquiry.

Anyone with even a passing interest in current news knows that as surely as the sun will rise in the East, the House of Representatives is going to vote articles of impeachment against our President.  They also know that as surely as the sun will set in the West, the Senate will dismiss the articles of impeachment.

So, if spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars to record double and triple hearsay and suppositions to find something, regardless of how trivial,  for which our President can be impeached is not a farce, nothing is.

This farce recalls the adage of Caesar fiddling while Rome burned.  While Caesar Nancy Pelosi leads her legions on the hunt of turning over every stone to find even a smidgen of impeachable conduct.

Meanwhile, pressing needs of the country are forgotten.

The revision of NAFTA between us, Canada, and Mexico still languishes in the House of Representatives.  Instead of enacting comprehensive budgets to keep the government up and running, temporary extensions are based almost on a monthly schedule.  Instead of undertaking comprehensive immigration reform, our President is accused of manufacturing a false crisis on our southern border.

One of the most aggravating factors of this farce is that it is being orchestrated by public opinion. The Socialist/Democrats were running polls to gauge how the farce is perceived by the public.

Originally, the primary focus was on whether our President’s relation with the Ukraine President was a quid pro quo deal?  Do you realize that term is no longer mentioned?

When the polls began showing that the average voter had no understanding of the term quid pro quo, the investigation abruptly changed to one about bribery.  

Voters know that bribery is some type of bad criminal action, but they had a problem even pronouncing that Latin term quid pro quo.  So, ipso facto, the inquiry turned into one about bribery.

Now Caesar Pelosi’s violin is broken.  The curtain has closed on Schiff’s Intelligence Committee investigation. How does she fix it? What does she do now?

Those polls that have guided them so far indicate that a majority of polled voters think that our President should not be impeached.  They believe that the voters  can and should decide that in elections that are just around the corner.  

There is also the threat that, if the House enacts articles of impeachment, the Senate will conduct an open hearing on the articles in which our President will be afforded full due process rights.  

The Senate has already released a partial list of the witnesses who will be summoned to testify.  Included are some of those refused by Schiff in his arbitrary hearing plus Schiff himself, the so-called whistle blower, and the Bidens.  Moreover, our President would be present with counsel and would be allowed to examine or cross examine each of the witnesses.

There are indications that Pelosi is considering avoiding that downpour by having the House vote to censure our President rather than impeach him.  The impetus for this action would be the impending release of the Department of Justice IG’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Russian collusion matter.

Russian collusion was the first high crime or misdemeanor the House was going to use for impeachment.  When the multi-million dollar Mueller report blew that claim out of contention, the hunt was on for another avenue.

And so it continues.

So here’s the perspective.

The Socialist/Democrats have a defective GPS system.  Every impeachment avenue chosen seems to end in a dead end.

Their current dead end is at the edge of a cliff.  When they return from recess, will they turn around or accelerate straight ahead?

Let’s hope they choose to go over the cliff with impeachment so we can get a due process hearing on their dreams of vacating the White House.



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