We’ll Survive

Bill Neinast


The beliefs of some people are funny.  This is the season when some of those humorous irrational thoughts are on display.

Today, there will be numerous clips on TV of little Johnny and Marie putting out cookies and milk for Santa Claus.  The next morning, their eyes will be wide in seeing that Santa had come down the chimney, eaten the goodies, and left them a pile of gifts in gratitude.

In a few years, Johnny and Marie will realize that, “Hey! There’s no chimney in this house for Santa to slide down.  And look, there are no tracks in the yard or on the roof where he would have had to park his reindeer and sleigh as he ate our cookies and milk.  So Santa Claus delivering our presents is just a little white lie told by Mom and Dad.”

A few years after that, Johnny and Marie will be passing the little lie on to their children and will be amused how their offspring are enthralled with the fiction.

This perpetual lie about Santa Claus is built around the Christmas season.   Unfortunately, there are other religious beliefs and lies that are not so humorous.  Some of them are downright dangerous. 

The best examples of the dangerous type of religious lies are those of various Muslim cults.  The El Shabab sect in Kenya, for instance, believes that anyone who does not profess faith in its religion must be killed.  Recently, believers of that lie entered a bus in Kenya and killed the passengers who could not recite a particular verse of the Koran. 

Politics is another area in which there is a cornucopia of lies that might be funny if they were not so serious.  What is humorous here is the number of citizens who still believe that President Barack is the best thing to ever happen to the United States.

These sycophants hang on every word out of his mouth as well as those of his staff as if it were the gospel.   Many of those words are lies.  No matter, however, they are from the mouth, desk, or office of the President of the country, so they must be true.

Lies from the White House are not new.  Every President has probably told a lie a little above the white lie level while in office.  Eisenhower denying that Gary Powers and his U-2 over the Soviet Union were from the U.S., Nixon denying involvement in Water Gate, and Clinton denying an affair with Monica are three that come to mind easily.

The list of lies emanating from the White House under the current occupant, however, is too long to catalog in this short item.   One subject--Obama Care--keeps that list growing on a weekly, if not daily, basis.  

Currently, the revelations by Jonathan Gruber, one of the primary authors  of that legislation, about how the “stupid” public was misled by lies have spurred yet more obfuscations.  President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, famous for the remark that they must pass the legislation before they could know what was in it, now claim that, despite records to the contrary, they do not know Gruber and that he had nothing to do with the law.

All the Obama Care lies pale in comparison, however, with the ones now being proclaimed by Obama over the immigration issue.  

He claimed in more than 20 speeches over a period of several years that he had no authority to take unilateral action to remove the fear of deportation hanging over some long-term illegal aliens.  Last week, however, he claimed that he had the same authority to do what all of his predecessors had done.  He cites in support of this illegal action the acts of Reagan and George Bush in giving relief to some illegals.

This is just more dissembling required to support the basic lie.  The Reagan and Bush actions were in direct implementation of laws passed by Congress. 

Although Obama’s directive to not deport certain classes of aliens might be legal and justifiable as a type of prosecutorial discretion, it goes further than  that.  It confers a benefit or status--work permits--not authorized or permitted under existing law. 

Regardless of how welcome the act of delaying deportation might be, the new status or benefit it confers is not legal.  So the President is violating the law instead of upholding it as he is required to do by the Constitution.

So here’s the perspective.

The current administration in Washington is floating on a sea of lies.  None of the lies is humorous and enjoyable like the Santa Claus lie that started this item.

Remember, though, that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and everyone in the U.S. has at least one thing for which to be thankful. Under the law, Barack Obama can remain in office for only two more years.

We should be able to survive that long.  Be thankful.    



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