We’ve Moved but Little Has Changed

Bill Neinast


Jeannine and I have moved.  A few years ago we would have said we moved to an old folks home.

In a few months, the first number in our age will be a nine.  Consequently, we thought we would be among the oldest here.  As we meet our new neighbors, however, we realize we are in the middle age generation here.  Our oldest neighbor is 99.

Notwithstanding the ages, this is a far cry from the old folks homes of yesteryear.

We are on the fourth floor of a five story complex with three connecting halls or wings.  Our balcony looks over a small farm house surrounded by trees and an adjoining field in the outskirts of Leander, a suburb of Austin.  The far horizon over some woods is not unlike the one we enjoyed off our back porch in Burton.

Meals, maids, and transportation are furnished.  The only things the outstanding staff cannot or will not do for us is bathe us and put us to bed.

There is an in-house movie, a swimming pool, a library and Happy Hour every day at 4:00 p.m.  So obviously it is not an old folks home; it is a nice place to grow old.

We brought only our clothes, the computer, some office files and furniture, and some odds and ins.  Everything else remains at home in Burton, to which we will return periodically for friends and business.

In sorting through things for bring alongs, we realized we are hoarders.  We would pick something up and wonder why in the world we had kept it then put it back down to save some more.  That 1991 article on the screwed up VA was found during that sorting process.

That 28 year old item hit this paper the same week that the VA was being castigated again for its abominable medical services.  That service, by the way, is the very type of service Bernie Sanders wants to put all Americans under.  It is the same service that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez just said, “It’s not broken, so why fix it.”

Just a few days into enjoying it here in Leander, I realized that I had no knowledge of my current county or city officials.  Then I realized, I don’t care.  There is nothing they can do that will affect me.

If they want to raise property taxes through the sky, go ahead.  I will not notice.  My rent is fixed for life.  

Want to neglect the streets and roads, go ahead.  That’s for the facility’s drivers to worry about.  

So long as there is good police protection, I just have to keep my eyes on Austin and D.C.

What goes on, or does not go on, in those two political caldrons is more than enough to worry about.  I worry now about the fate I will be leaving for my great-grandchildren.

More and more Democrats are coming out of the closet and revealing themselves as true socialists. They are welcomed and cheered by hordes of young people who have recently graduated from colleges and universities dominated by super liberal professors and administrators who would not even permit conservative speakers on campus.

These young followers of Sanders and AOC had their brains filled with mush in those liberal campuses of so called higher learning.  Many of them were reared by helicopter parents and were convinced by their college professors that the government was  an excellent helicopter to take over from their parents.

Why should they have to pay for their education?  Why should they have to pay for medical care?  Why should they be satisfied with less pay than their bosses?

Sanders, AOC, and the other Democrats coming out of the closet answer those questions with, “You shouldn’t.  Do not worry about it.  We, the government, will take care of it all.”

So here’s the perspective.

The government paying for it all is what we may be leaving  our great-grandchildren.

Where will the money come from for those payments?  Will there be any culture of self-reliance and building your own nest egg?

Is that what you want to leave your descendants?



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