What Will Happen in 2017?

Bill Neinast


Tis the season to make New Year’s Resolutions.  We have been so good, however, that there are not enough resolutions to do better to fill this space.  So let’s make predictions instead.  

Here is what will happen in 2017:

Political correctness will be sidelined.  The first benched terms to be called back onto the field will be Islamist Jihadists and Muslim terrorists.  These will be followed quickly with Merry Christmas.

The new administration will then acknowledge that we are engaged in a war that encircles the globe.  Although battle tactics are unlike any other in history, there are Islamic Jihadist “soldiers” in many countries around the world.  The war casualties in Berlin, Germany, and the disruption of a planned attack around the world in Australia a few days later are examples of the worldwide battlefields.

Publicly acknowledging that we are at war with an identifiable enemy will have a dramatic effect on how we fight that enemy.

On another front, law enforcement officers around the country will retire their neck braces.  There will be no need for them to look over their shoulders to see if the White House or Justice Department is descending on them because of some biased reporting by news media that does not vet its sources.  They will know, instead, that Washington has their backs.

Within the first three months of the new year, there will be renewed interest in immigration.

Domestically, the promised wall along the southern border will be built.  The new administration, however, will soon realize that a solid wall of concrete or metal is not needed and will not work.  Increased surveillance by drones and other methods and immediate deportation over the same routes of entry will be used to stem most of the tide.

The other immigration problem will be more serious and harder to solve.  This is the flood of refugees out of Syria and other harbors of Islamist Jihadists.

The largest source of this flood is Syria.  Most of this tide of humanity ends up in Europe, but there are overlaps into other areas, including the U.S.  

The easiest way to close the gates is to seal the Syrian border from the inside.  Unfortunately, President Obama ceded responsibility for that to Vladimir Putin and, by extension, to the Mullahs of Iran. 

There is no way to undo that concession now, so President Trump will cooperate with Putin and the Mullahs to put down the rebellion in Syria and confirm Assad as the dictator.   

Using NATO as a pattern, the Mid-East Treaty Organization (METO) will then be formed with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Israel, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Egypt and others with a provision that an attack on one is an attack on all.

The Trump Administration will then turn its attention on Afghanistan where we still have military personnel fighting and dying.    Negotiations will be undertaken with President Ahmadzai and the Taliban to accept the cease fire offered by the latter. 

A semblance of peace in that war will follow and the Taliban will eventually retake control of the country as it has after every other invasion by a foreign country.  

That will reconstitute Afghanistan as the major supplier of opium throughout the world, but it may pull the Taliban out of Pakistan and abandon their terrorist training camps.

Trump will then flex his muscles toward Putin by renewing the move of anti-ballistic defenses into Poland and upgrade our nuclear capability at the same rate as the Russians.

So here’s the perspective.

If these predictions are true,  there will be a new world a year from now.

Undocumented immigration will be curtailed worldwide.  The Islamic Caliphate will be confined to Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, all under the rule of dictators.

The dictators would understand that their own terrorists could target them to seize power and be much better at curtailing such terrorism than any outside force or threat.

To maintain that control, there will be thousands of executions or “exterminations” in the four Caliphate countries, but this might put an end to 9/11s and Berlin Christmas fairs. 


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