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When an Artist's Work Touches Your Soul

Robin Avery


I had seen Dean Davis's paintings in many of the watercolor exhibition catalogs and I also viewed one of his paintings at our International Show a few years back.  They were humorous, whimsical, and very well composed. 

I decided to do an internet search for this artist. He did not have his own website. But I researched newspaper articles and found him residing in Evansville, Indiana. The article was about his one man show.  He was 88 at the time.

My search came up with an address and so began our friendship.  He DID have a computer, and we decided to start emailing each other.  He sent me photos of his past work, and I shared what I was painting. I asked him to critique a few times and his guidance was so appreciated.

We became ART BUDDIES...and talked a few times a week for a year or two.  It  was  this  fall that  his correspondence dropped off significantly.  I decided to send him a package with the recent National Watercolor Catalog and a few watercolor magazines.

On a gray and chilly day this week, his daughter emailed me letting me know that my old ART Buddy had passed away.  She told me how right before he slipped into unconsciousness, he had those art magazines and the catalog and was sharing his thoughts with his daughter about all of the paintings.

She said he really enjoyed our correspondence and looked forward to hearing from me.  But it was ME who was really blessed.  Yesterday I cried because I had lost someone who  had touched my soul first through his art and then by his warm and friendly nature.  So today I write to you so that when  someone's art touches you, let them know. In the end, you may be giving yourself a wonderful gift.