Where’s My Theme Music?
John W. Pinkerton
I finally figured out what's wrong with my life: I ain't got no theme music.

Movies without theme music are just moving pictures.  The theme music tells us how to interpret what we're seeing on the screen and encourages us in that direction.  If it's an action scene, the music keeps pace; if romantic, the music romances us; if scary, there's probably trembling violins.

We come into the world to the sound of our own crying.  It seems fitting that there would be some sort of music at the moment---perhaps “Hail to the Chief.”

If I had a choice of theme music, my first choice would be the theme music from Rocky.  Thirty or forty years ago, I began the remodel of the old house we bought.  The first music I installed in the living room built-in speakers in the newly remodeled living room was “Rocky.”  I turned the volumn up to “it hurts my ears” level and sat in the optimum impact position and let the music pound against my chest.  While sitting there, I was brought back to earth by seeing a neighbor kid looking up at the sky wondering where the music was coming from.

The “Rocky” music definitely has the capacity to make one want to achieve great things.  I'm no Rocky, but damn, pretty inspiring.  Considering my age, I don't think I could stand to be that inspired today.  

When I watched Tin Cup, there is theme music which makes the hero to be even more heroic although he does an incredibly stupid thing.  Boy, how often I could have used this music.

When I need music to match my happy mood (rare, but it does happen), I have several songs which I think might do the job.  “Jailhouse Rock,” “I Got a Woman,” “Me and Bobby Magee,” Now for romantic moments.  Quit laughing, damn it.  For romantic moments perhaps “Blue Moon” or “Behind Closed Doors” or “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” 

If I'm feeling glum and have a feeling of impending doom, my first choice would be The Shining theme.  There is nothing hopeful about this music.

For music to get me up and about in the morning, perhaps the Forest Gump theme music would gradually get me awake and off to an easy start for the day.  Another reason I'd choose the Forest Gump movie is that when I first arise, my walk is similar to Forest's metal brace years.

On the days that I'm painting, which is just about everyday, I think the theme from Superman might get me off to a good start.

As the years pass, I show less and less enthusiasm for my college team, LSU.  I still watch their games, but with an indifference bordering on contempt.  Perhaps if I had “Hey Fighting Tigers” playing in the background, it would stir my enthusiasm.

If I'm traveling, music from The Sting seems like music that would give me hope of getting to my location without disasters.

I see people walking around with ipods with tiny earpieces attached to their heads.  Maybe they've found the answer to the lack of theme music in real life.  Well, I've lived 74 years without theme music, I guess I'll make the few years I have left without it.

Oh yeah, they usually have theme music at funerals.  Oh boy, something to look forward to.


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