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You’re Still Not the Boss of Me

John W. Pinkerton


A couple of years ago I wrote an essay entitled “You’re Not the Boss of Me” which I thought was kind of funny.  However, I’m beginning to lose my sense of humor about governmental entities trying to be my boss.

I recall many years ago when my dad in a non sequitar moment, of which he had many, said, “I feel sorry for young people today.  They don’t have the opportunities we had when I was young.”

For some years I wasn’t sure what he meant by this, but over time I began to realize that he was speaking of the loss of freedom.  The year he was born, there was no income tax and few regulations by the federal government.  It wasn’t an ideal world, but it was a world of liberty.  If you were able to scratch together a few dollars, you could establish a business, dig a hole in the ground for oil or gas or gold or silver without considering what Big Brother thought of it.

A few years ago Congress mandated that I couldn’t have the commode I wanted.  They insisted I have the commode they wanted.  Sure the modified design saves water---if you don’t have to flush a second time---but I think I could have figured this out myself without their heavy hand, and I would have had choice.

Soon to go into effect: we won’t be able to buy incandescent light bulbs.  If the alternative is as good, I’d gladly purchase it.  I didn’t need Uncle Sam telling  me which one I prefer, but they prefer to mandate my choice.  It fits the government’s narrative that they’re saving the world---even if it blinds us.

The Federal government keeps telling auto companies that they must improve gas mileage.  Hell, if we want better gas mileage, the auto industry will produce these cars without prodding from the government and, besides, if they would get their boot off the neck of the petroleum industry, who would really care about gas mileage.

The Federal government has been trying to kill the coal industry so that we will be protected from coal pollution---I strongly suspect this is totally unnecessary because today coal use is actually quite clean.  What do they want me to do, install a windmill or use solar panels, the unicorns of the power industry?

The Supreme Court is not a lot of help.  A few years ago they decided that government units like cities and towns can turn my property over to someone else in the name of economic progress.  I recognize the right of governments to take my property for public improvements like roads, but not a Burger Kings.  Gee fellows, I guess my home is not my castle.

New York City decided that folks there can’t buy Big Gulps.  Holy crap.  It’s supposed to be a blow for anti-obesity.  Maybe I choose to be fat, you jackasses.

Obamacare is an abomination.  It forces folks to purchase health insurance, and by the way an inferior product, whether they want it or not.  Thanks a lot.

The Federal Government has been telling schools what their food menus will be.  Do you really think the local school districts are trying to poison their kids?

The Federal Government forces us to contribute funds to all kinds of things we don’t want to support.  Abortion is a good example.  We accept the Supreme Court’s decision, but please quit making us pay for it.

The government claims to have the right to collect all of our electronic information: emails, telephone calls, texts.  They say it’s in our best interest.  Really?

The Government keeps subsidizing electric cars.  When they are practical and affordable, we’ll buy one.  In the meantime, we’re still not over Solyndra.

Consider the Amish Farmer raid at 5 AM when the Feds claimed that the farmer was engaged in the interstate sale of raw milk.  I know I feel safer.  It’s against the law to sell raw milk across state lines?  Why should I be surprised?

Businesses are drowning in regulations. Consider this: in 1936, the pages in the Federal Register, the main source of Federal regulations, totaled 2,600 pages; today the total is over 80,000.

Consider that the Food and Drug Administration has mandated that all vending machine operators and chain restaurants must label all products that they sell with a calorie count in a location visible to the consumer.  14 million hours later each year, this will be accomplished.  To what end?  To produce labels that no one will read or care about.  Thanks.

Apparently, patriotism needs to be regulated.  Schools sometimes restrict the wearing or displaying of the American flag.  Yeah, that’s a big help.

Eventually, the American people will snap, and say “screw you,” stop paying their taxes, and tar and feather the politicians and bureaucrats.  At least, I hope so.